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What does cloning plants from cuttings involve? 8273229d-5a0d-4881-b506-46d46dd5560d.jpg (image/jpg) It involves taking cuttings from a parent plant then planting them to produce genetically identical copies, clones.
What does cloning plants from a tissue culture involve? 9ad09164-8cd4-4f27-bef3-1d13f45af603.jpg (image/jpg) It involves taking a few plants cells that are put in a growth medium with hormones, they then grown into new plants - clones of the parent plant.
What are the positives of cloning plants from cuttings? c2760f33-c388-48b9-9eda-9c99c4f5a0a1.jpg (image/jpg) It is quick and cheap.
What are the positives of cloning plants from a tissue culture? 3913225e-ef86-4aad-b6d0-24b5ecd72a5d.jpg (image/jpg) It can be made very quickly, in very little space and be grown all year round.
What does cloning animals from embryo transplants involve? 8f113477-5fad-4ad1-90e7-7f3e38552a22.jpg (image/jpg) It involves taking sex cells from a bull and cow then artificially fertilising an egg cell with the sperm. The fertilised egg splits forming clones before they become specialised. These cloned embryos are implanted into other cows to grow into genetically identical calves.
What does cloning animals from adult cell cloning involve? cfae9e55-5f03-4f40-b84d-2ca5747527ef.jpg (image/jpg) It involves taking an egg cell and removing its genetic material. Then inserting a full set of chromosomes from an adult body cell into the egg cell. It's then stimulated to make it divide. When the embryo is a ball of cells, it's implanted in an adult female to grow into a clone of the adult body cell.
What is an example of one of the many negative issues surrounding cloning? 4b7a325d-f787-41df-b2cd-435169692328.jpg (image/jpg) - Reduced gene pool; fewer unique alleles so a closely related population could be wiped out by a new disease. - Cloned animals could be less healthy. - Anxiety that humans might be cloned successfully but only after failed clones.
What is an example of a positive aspect surrounding cloning? b68e2dd0-50a3-4974-a3fe-ec28d8790d89.jpg (image/jpg) - The study of clones could lead to a greater understanding of the embryo, ageing and age-related disorders. - Could help preserve endangered species.
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