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the names of the tools marking gauge, cordless drill, tenon saw, junior hack saw, coping saw, jack plane.
machinery names falser saw, pillar drill, hegnar saw, belt sander bobbing sander.
names of woods manufactured: plywood, chipboard, MDF. softwood: pine. hard wood: Oak, mahogany, balsa.
types of finishes wax, varnish, lacquer.
how many electronic components can you name? variable resistor, bulb, motor, capacitor, amplifier, voltage meter, resistor, wire, switch. if you look on the next flash card, you will see the pictures
can you name the design process in order? 1. design brief 2. research 3.ideas 4. developing ideas 5. specification 6. manufacturing 7. evaluation
what does CAD and CAM stand for? CAD: computer aided design CAM: computer aided manufacturer
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