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1939 WW2 Starts Up to 50% of children evacuated
1942 American GI's in the UK
1943 2 million women working in the Land Army
1944 D-DAY (British, American, Candaian invasion of Nazi occupied France) Large numbers of German and Italian POWs in the UK (also Poles) Education Act - education compulsory to 15, 11+ exams, turning point
1945 80-90% of all women working in the war effort WW2 ends. Start of Cold War. Family Allowances Act
1946 National Insurance Act
1947 India is granted dependence by the UK
1948 Children Act Labour government creates the NHS Windrush arrives (Carribean immigrants) Nationality Act
1950 Oswald Mosley (ex-fascist) sets up anti-immigrant Union movements
1951 Women make up 30% of workforce of UK (26% of women are married) British Government campaigns for West Indian migrants (Enoch Powell)
1954 Food rationing in the UK finishes (UK is nearring the turning point for the economy + Marshall Aid)
1955 Bus workers of strike over immigrant labour 'You've never had it so good' - Harold Macmillan
1956 Suez Crisis - UK humiliated by Egyptian leader Nasser ('end of empire')
1958 Notting Hill riots TUC calls an end to immigration Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament founded - protest in Aldermaston against 'The Bomb'
1960 National Service in the armed services ends
1961 'Lady Chatterley' trial - obscenity laws are overturned in the UK (beginning of a permissive society)
1962 The Commonwealth Immigrants Act - new voucher system to try and restrict unskilled immigrant labour
1962 200,000 illegal abortions carried out in the UK
1963 Profumo Scandal (end of deference, beginning of satire, media are no longer part of 'The Establishment')
1964 BBC launches 'Top of the Pops' Labour win the election but try to restrict immigration
1965 Race Relations Act Birth of Comprehensive Schools - closure of Grammar schools, arrival of Polytechnics and Art Colleges
1966 Race Relations Board England win the world cup - a sense of 'cool' pervades; Twiggy, MODS, Carnaby st. Bily Butlin's Beauty Contest
1967 'Summer of Love' - Rolling Stones 'free concert' in Hyde Park, LSD, hippies, flower power
1968 Abortion Act - end to 'back street' abortion Commonwealth Immigrants Act - further extension of voucher scheme but only for blacks 'Rivers of Blood' Speech - Enoch Powell Mai Lai Massacre > Anti-Vietnam War riot is Grovesnor square, London. Wilson resists pressure for Britain to join the war.
1969 2 million UK women using the Pill on the NHS Divorce Reform Act - 100,000 divorces a year by 1970 (female liberty) Increased number of students in Higher Education (390,000)
1970 'Women's Lib.' Feminist disruption of 'Miss World Pageant' at Albert Hall Cosmopolitan and Spare Rib magazines founded and 'Black Sabbath' releases 'Paranoid' album - youth culture gets darker and edgier Matrimonial Property Act (gender equality) Equal Pay Act
1971 Women now make up 38% of workforce (49% are married)
1972 Idi Amin expels Indian families from Uganda; British Government alows them to settle in the UK
1973 Oil Crisis
1975 Sex Discrimination Act (Equal Pay Act reinforced)
1976 Racial Equality Act - to ban racist literature, music
1977 Anti-Nazi League vs. NF - 'Battle of Lewisham'
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