First Impression (Unit 1)

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Acquaintance Bekannter - a person that you know, but who is not a close friend
arrogant arrogant - behaving in a proud, unpleasant way
banquet Bankett - a formal meal for a large number of people, usually for a special occasion, at which speeches are ofen made
bargain verhandeln - to discuss prices, conditions, etc. with sb in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable
bound vorherbestimmt - sth is certain or very likely to happen
build a relationship eine Beziehung aufbauen - to create or develop a friendly way of working or dealing with someone
cabinet Schrank - a piece of furniture with doors, drawers and/or shelves that is used for storing or showing things
caterer Gastronom / Caterer - person or company whose job is to provide food an drinks at a business meeting or for a special occasion
come across gut rüberkommen - to make a particular impression
complex komplex - difficult to understand because of being made of many different things or parts
confident selbstsicher - hier gewiss - feeling certain that sth will happen in the way that you want or expec
confirm bestätigen - to state that sth is definitely true or correct, or that an arrangement is definite or official
create an impression Eindruck hinterlassen - to give people a particular feeling, idea, or opinion the first time they see sth or meet sb
creativity kreativ - the quality of being able to produce new ideas or works of art using skill an imagination
exhibition Messe/Ausstellung - a collection of things of a similar kind that are shown to the public
expensive teuer - costing a lot of money
extravagance Extravaganz - the act or habit of spending more money than you can afford or than is necessary
favourable vorteilhaft/wohlgesinnt - making people have a good opinion of sb/sth
forge erfinden/aufbauen - to create or develop sth successful using a lot of effort
functional funktional - practical and useful
gain verdienen/erreichen - to obtain or win sth such as an advantage or benefit
glossy glänzend - printed on smooth, shiny, expensive paper
have a reputation bekannt sein - to be thought of in a particular way, because of what you have done in the past
ineffective erfolglos - not practical or useful
innovation Innovation - the introduction of new things, ideas, or ways of doing sth
interpret übersetzen - to translate one language into another as you hear it
maternity leave Mutterschaftsurlaub - a period of time when a woman temporarily leaves her job to have a baby
modest bescheiden - not very lage, expensive, important etc.
ostentatious prahlerisch - expensive or noticeable in a way that is intended to impress people
phenomenon Phänomen/Erscheinung - a fact or an event in a nature or society
portfolio Portfolio - a collection of photographs, drawings etc. that you use as an aexaple of your work, especially when applying for a job
premises Geschäftsraume - the building and the land around it that a business uses
principles Prinzipien - moral rules or strong beliefs that influence your actions
professionalism Professionalität - the high standard that you expect from a person who is well trained in a particular job
project an image etwas präsentieren - to present sb/sth or yourself to other people in a particular way, espaciallay one that gives a good impression
proof reading Korrekturlesen - the process of checking a copy of printed material and correcting mistakes in it before it is published
provisionally provisorisch - in a way that is not yet definite
rapport Rapport - a friendly realationship in which people understand each other well
real estate Grundeigentum - property in the form of land or buildings
recent kürzlich - that happened or began only a short time ago
recommend empfehlen -to tell sb that sth is good or useful
referral Zuweisung -the act of sending sb who needs professional help to a person or place that can provide it
regarding wegen/betreffend - concerning sb/sth about sb/sth
represent darstellen/vertreten - to be a member of a company or group and act or speak on their behalf
reputation Reputation - the opinion that people have about what sb/sth is like, based on what has happened in the past
standardized standardisiert - made to have the same features or qualities as other things of the same type
successful erfolgreich - achieving your aims of achieving sucess, for example by making a lot of money
suspicious verdachterregend - feeling that sb has done sth wrong, illegal without having any proof
switch wechseln - to change from one thin to another
synergy Zusammenwirken - a relationship in which two or more people or comanies work together and achieve more energy, power, sucess, etc. that they could separately
take a dislike to eine Abneigung empfinden - to feel that you do not like sb/sth, espacially when this is sudden
text smslä - to send written messages using a mobile phone
tradition Tradition - a belief, custom, ,or way of doing sth that has existed for a long time among a particular group of people
trustworthy vertrauensvoll - that you can rely on to be good, hones, sincere, etc.
wary wachsam/carefully - careful when dealing with sb/sth because yu think that there may be a danger or problem
word-of-mouth Mundpropaganda - spread news by people telling each other
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