Motivation (Unit 2)

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Business English 1

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absenteeism Schwänzen - staying away from work, especially often and without good reasons
achievement Erfolg - the acot or process of doing sth successfully, especially using your own effort and skill
acknowledged zu würdigen wissen - accepted publicly as having a particular status or authority, or as having achieved sth
alignment Harmonisieren/anpassen - the correct relationship of thins with each other
annual bonus jährl. Bonus - extra money that is added to sb's wages once a year, as a reward
appreciation Anerkennung - the feeling of being grateful for sth or of noticing sb's good qualities, good work etc.
attendance reward Anwesenheit belohnen - sth such as extra money that is given to sb because they have come to work regularly and not missed any days
autonomy Selbständig - the ability to act and make decisions without being controlled by anyone else
better (yourself) weiterentwickeln - to improve your social position through education, a better job etc.
boost staff morale jdm. moralischen Auftrieb geben - to increase the conidence and enthusiasm of staff
break the ice Das Eis brechen - to say or do sth that helps people to fell relaxed and to start talking, expacially at the beginning of a meeting, party etc.
bump into hereinplumpsen / zufällig treffen - to meet sb by chance
commission Provision - an amount of money that is paid to sb for selling goods and which increases with the amount of goods that are sold
company car Geschäftsauto - a car which is provided by the company that you work for
compensation plan Vergütungsplan - everything that an employee receives from their employer
dead-end job Beruf ohne Aufstiegschanen - a job with low wages an no hope of promotion or improvement
development Bildung - the process of gradually improving by learing more, becoming more advanced, etc.
discount Preisnachlass -an amount of mney that is taken off the usual cost of sth
fare Reisespesen - the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi etc.
feel valued sich geschätzt fühlen - to feel that you and what you do are considered important by other people
filter through bekannt werden - to reach or become known by more people
foster loyalty Loyalitätspflege - to encourage people to feel faithful in their support of sth such as an organization
fulfilment Erfüllung - a feelingof being happy and statisfield with what you are doing or have done
generous grosszügig - giving a large amount, giving freely
gossip Tratschen - informal talk or stories about other people's private lives, that may be unkind or not true
hire einstellen - person who has recently been given a job by a company
horticulture Gartenbau - the study or practice of growing flowers, fuit and vegetables
improve performance Leistungs verbessern - to make people do sth better or work more effecively
incentive scheme Prämiensystem - a plan or system for encouraging people to do sth or to work harder by rewarding them
intervene dazwischen kommen - to become involved in a situation in order to improve or help it
make the grade den Anforderungen gerecht werden - to reach the necessary standard, to succeed
misconception Fehlvorstellung - a belief or an idea that is not based on correct information
motivate motivieren - to make sb want to do sth, especially sth that involves hard work and effort
non-chash rewards Belohnung ohne Geld - sth other than money that you are given becuase you have done sth good, worked hard
non-contributory pension plan beitragsfreie Altersvorsorge - system of making regular payments into a fund for when a person retieres, that is paid for the employer and not the employee, a pension plan
on-time bonus einmalige Bonuszahlung - an extra amount of money that is added to sb's wages as a reward for regularly coming to work at the correct time
perceived wahrgenommen - understood or thought of in a particular way by people
perk Vergünstigungen -sth you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job
positive feedback gutes Feedback erhalten - comments that sth or sb's work is good or useful
praise loben - words that show approval of or admirations for sb/sth
private medical insurance private Krankenkassenversicherung - an arrangement in which regular payments are made to a company which will pay for private medical care for sb if they are sick/ill
profit-sharing scheme Gewinnbeteiligungsplan - a system of dividing all r some of a company's profits among its employees
range Auswahl - a set of products of a particular type
recognition Anerkennung - public praise and reward for sb's work or actions
remark Anmerkung - sth that you say you write which expresses an opinion, a thought, etc. about sth/sb
remuneration package Arbeitsentgelt Paket - the pay and other benefits that sb gets for doing their job
satisfaction Zufriedenstellung - the good feeling that you have when you have achieved sth or when things happen in the way that you want
staff discount Personalrabatt - an amount of money that i taken off the usual cost o sth when it is sold to an employee of the company that makes or provides it
staff retention Mitarbeiterbindung - the action of keeping employees at the same company rather than losing them to other companies
subsidiary Untergeordnet - a business company that is owned or controlley by another larger company
time in lieu Überstunden abbauen/entschädigen - time off that an employee is allowed to take in return for extra hours they have worked at other times
various unterschiedlich - several, different
vary variieren, abweichen - to change or be different according to the situation
voucher Gutschein - a printed piece of paper that can be used instead of money to pay for sth, or that allows you to pay less than usual price of sth
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