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Business English 1

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accurate forecast korrekte Einschätzung über die Zukunft - a correc statement aboiut what will happen in the futre, based on information that is available now
ahead of schedule schneller als geplant - finished or done before the planned time
allocate resources Mittel zuweisen - to officially decide how money, equipment, staff etc. should be used
battery Batterie
behind shedule später als geplant - finished or done later than the planned time
budget constraints Budgeteinschränkungen - factors that limit or restrict the amount of money that can be spent on sth
capture gewinnen/einfangen - to suceed in getting control of sth that other people are also trying to control
check progress Fortschrittskontrolle - to find out if sth is improving or developing or getting nearer to being achieved or completed
collate zuordnen/sortieren - to collect and arrange information from several different sources, or several documents or pices of paper
compile zusammentragen - to produce a book, list, report etc by bringing together different items
handset Telefonhörer - the part of a telephone that you hold close to your moth and ear to speark into and listen
keep track of spending den Überblick über die Ausgaben behalten - to always have recent information about how much money has been spent
lack of planning mangelnd geplant - a situation in which sb has not thought carefully enough in advance about what they are going to do
life span Lebensdauer - the length of time that sth is likely to continue or function
maintain aufrechterhaltend - to make sth continue at the same level, standard
make contingency plans mögliche Pläne machen - to make plans for what to do if a particular event hapens or does not happen
make the launch date Markteintrittszeitpunkt planen - to suceed in having a product read to be made available or shown to the public by the planned date
man-hours Arbeit, die in 1h durch eine Person erledigt wird - relating to the amount of work done by one person in one hour
miss the deadline den Abgabetermin verpassen - to fail to do sth, such as finish a pce of work, before the time by which it must be done
out of control ausser Kontrolle - impossible to manage or to control
over budget budgetiert - costing more than the money that is abailale or was planned to spend
plumbing plumsend - the work of putting in an repairing the pipes and other systems that supply water to a building
press release Pressemitteilung - an official statement made to journalists by a large organization
prioritize task nach Prioritäten ordnen - to put the jobs ou have to do in order of importance, so that you can deal with the most important first
resolve conflict Konflikte lösen - to deal with a disagreement or argument betweend people or groups
roofing Dachdeckung - the work of building and repairing roofs
run out of money ohne Bargeld - to use up a supply of money so there is no more available
site Grundstück/Standort - a place where a building is or will be situated
stay on track auf der Geraden bleiben - to continue doing the right thing in order to achieve a particular result
tariff Fixkosten/Tarif - a fixes price that is charged by a company for a particular service for exaple for the use of a phone
unrealistic budget unrealistisches Budget - an amount of money that has been allowed for sth, that is not enough becuase it does not accept things as they really are
upfront planning Voraus planen - making plans for sth in advance, before you start
vital Lebensnotwendig - necssary or essential in order for sth to succeed or exist
within budget im Kostenplan - costing no more that the money that is available or was planned to spend
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