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Henry II - King of England - Age/Date/Why 21 19th December 1154 Treaty of Winchester 1153
Henry II failed Military Campaigns in Wales - Dates/Key Battles 1157 1158 1163 1164 - Battle of Cryogen
1171 - Wales? Henry II forced to come to negotiations
Henry II first sent knights to Ireland 1167
1171 - Ireland Henry II landed. Gave such a demonstration of power most of the lords, including Rory O'Connor, King of Connacht who claimed to be High King of Ireland paid homage to Henry II
1177 - Ireland Henry II made John first Lord of Ireland
1185 - Ireland John landed and failed to install his authority - Angevins would never again come close to real power in Ireland
Henry II - Brittany - How/When 1160 - Married his cousin Margaret to the current Count Conan 1166 - as discontent grew amongst the nobility Henry ended it by betrothing his 7 year old son Geoffrey to Conan's daughter Constance
Henry II - Anjou - Age/Date/Why 18 1151 Inherited upon father Geoffrey's death
Henry II - Normandy - Age/Date/Why 16 December 1149 his father Geoffrey invested Henry with the Duchy while he continued to rule Anjou
Geoffrey completed conquest of Anjou 1144
Henry made Malcolm surrender Newcastle, Carlisle and all his possessions in the North of England, successfully restoring the old frontier. 1157
Treaty of Falaise 1174 William the Lion was forced into submission after the Great Rebellion. Reinstated Angevin overlordship
Quit Claim of Canterbury 1189 Richard sold the Scottish back their independance
Henry II - Aquitaine - Age/Date/Why 19 1152 Marriage to the heiress, Eleanor
How many weeks did Henry II spend in Anjou? England? Normandy? What does it show 84 154 176 Undermines Norgates argument that Anjou was the centre of an Angevin Empire
Inquest of Sheriffs When? What does it demonstrate? 1170 Shows sign of consistency as it was virtually copied in Normandy the following year
What is the curia regis and what does it demonstrate in terms of Empire Henry's peripatetic court Shows consistency as it would dissolve local courts when the King was in the area, leading to a standardisation of practice. HOWEVER only temporary for once Henry departed local practice was resumed
Henry II Justiciars Robert, Earl of Leicester Richard de Lucy
Destruction of adulterine castles When? 1154
1176 - Castles Henry II took all the castles in England into royal custody for a period of time Demonstrates royal authority sucess
Henry II personal Castle Oxford took 8 years to Build Cost over £1,400 Acted as a constant reminder of Kings presence, especially to Hugh Bigod
How did the Ratio of Private:Royal castles change across Angevin Rule 1154 - 1 in 5 castles were royal 1214 - 1 in 2 castles were royal
Which dangerous nobles did Henry Seize castles off in 1157? Count William of Boulogne (King Stephen's son) Hugh Bigod
Average paid in to Exchequer 1130s 1150s 1160s 1180s 30,000 Less than half of ^ 18,500 23,000
Number of Earldoms 1154 1189 24 12
Malcolm of Scotland becomes King 1153
Henry's New Penny When Style What does it demonstrate 1158 Cross and Crosslet design Demonstrates stability as continued to be issued into the 1180s
Henry - Toulouse When Why Not 1159 Henry attempted to take Toulouse but Louis intervened. Henry didn't dare attack his overlord
Becket Appointed Chancellor - When 1160
Death of Theobald - when 1162
Becket made Archbishop - When 23rd May 1162
Sherriff's Aid Dispute When + Where 1163 Woodstock
Who is a paragon of his species J.A.W.
Becket resigns as Chancellor - When August 1163
Constitutions of Clarendon When What 28th January 1164 16 clauses - part of Henrys attempt to 'restore the ancient customs of his grandfather'
Beckets Trial When Where Charged with? 6th October 1164 Council of Northampton Becket was charged with contempt of court and embezzlement
Who was born in 1165 Phillip Augustus
How did Phillips birth weaken the Empire initially Had he not been born Henry II's eldest son would have been a serious contender to the French Crown; he was married to Louis daughter
What did Pope Alexander do in August 1165 Ordered a truce between Becket and Henry
Assize of Clarendon When What 1166 Henry II attempted to improve criminal law
Becket - Papal Legate -When April 1166
Vezelay - When + What 12th June 1166 Becket preached publicly, condemning the Constitutions of Clarendon and excommunicating many royal servants
Henry's Will - When and What 1169 YH = England, Normandy, Anjou Richard = Aquitaine Geoffrey = Brittany John = (Ireland?)
Montmiral - when and What 1170 Failed meeting between Becket and Henry
Young Henry's Coronation When Where Who 14th June 1170 Westminster By Archbishop of York with most of the English Bishops present
Becket Returns to England - when 1st December 1170
Murder of Becket 29th December 1170
Knights that murdered Becket William de Tracy Reginald Fitzurst Hugh de Neville Richard le Bret
Avranches - When + What 28th September 1172 Peace terms ratified - King promised to abolish any customs 'prejudicial to the church introduced in his reign'
Becket Canonised - when 21st February 1173
Henry's Penance When What 7th July 1174 Pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Thomas. Publicly flogged
Assize of Northampton When What 1176 Confirmed the Assize of Clarendon
Third Lateran Council When 1179
Phillip Augustus becomes King When 1180
Rebellion and Death of YH When 1183
Death of Geoffrey When How August 1186 Crushed under a horse in a tournament
Henry II - Death 6th July 1189
When Richard captured by Leopold 20th December 1192
John and Phillip rebel When 1193
When Chateau Gaillard completed 1196
Richard dies When How 25th March 1199 Shot by a Crossbow
Treaty of Le Goulet When 22nd May 1200
Mirabeau When 1st August 1202
John declared 'Contumacious Vassal' When April 1202
Death of Arthur When April 1203
Loss of Chateau Gaillard When 6th March 1204
Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine 1st April 1204
Hubert Walter dies 1205
John Excommunicated When November 1209
Bristol Tallage When 1210
Disputed Canterbury election 1205-7
What is a Justiciar Ran the administration, the equivalent of the Norman Seneschal
What do Justices do Travel round as itinerant judges
What is Scutage Fee paid instead of military service, designed to be irregular
Saladin Tithe When How much did it raise 1188 £60,000
'the greatest of all medieval kings' Who on Who S. Schama on Henry II
Who argues that Henry II managed the difficulties of his reign through 'skilful handling', 'cool decision' and 'almost uncanny swiftness' of movement Poole
What did Henry aim to do according to his coronation promise Protect the Church Protect the lands of his ancestors Do Justice Supress evil laws and customs
Who argues in relation to the Restoration of Royal Authority that 'Henry was merely renewing the Golden Age of his grandfather' Dialogue of the Exchequer
'Henry's rule was dangerously certainly spawned the baronial malcontents who joined the rebellion' Who describes Henry's approach as 'High risk' Carpenter
Who argues Henry had a genuine interest and concern for the legal system and justice E. King
Who opposed Henry II destruction of adulterine castles Hugh Mortimer (Lord of Wigmore) William of Aumale (Earl of York) Henry of Blois Roger (Earl of Hereford)
William of Aumale Aumale had set up power in Yorkshire, yet in 1155 Henry marched North to destroy him; dangerous expedition for someone only a year in power and epitomises Henry's attitude. He also took the royal castle of Bridgnorth from Hugh de Mortimer
Which castles did William FitzStephen surrender to Henry II and when 1157 Norwich Pevensey Eye Lancaster
By when had Henry II completed his expulsion of foreign mercenaries 1157
Cartae Baronum When What 1166 H2 made a record of his land and possessions; Huscroft argues he did this to raise scutage rather than gain the actual knights. Allowed Henry to fill royal treasury with more money and take advantage of baronial feudal power, thus restoring royal authority over the tax system
What does Huscroft say about the Cartae Baronum It was an 'unprecedented intrusion' into baronial affairs and may have played a part in persuading some to join the Great Revolt
How many Sheriffs were replaced in the Inquest of Sheriffs 22/29
the General Eyre When What 1175-6 Commissioned after an outbreak of crime and disorder following the Great Rebellion. Professional judges were sent out from Westminster giving full justice to those who felt wronged
Assize of Arms When What 1181 All free men obligated to have some form of arms of armour; on pain of death...reconstituted the Fyrd as a nationalised force, meaning the King relieed less on baronial support
Who was Henry II Chief Forester Alan de Neville
How many counties were subject to Forest Law by the end of Henry II's reign 20
How many mints were operating in 1157 1167 30 10
In the first 10 years of Henry's reign what did the pipe rolls show An increase 10,300pa to 16,700 on average
How long was the Great Rebellion 18 months
Why does Ralph Diceto argue the Great Rebellion happened says Henry was 'trampling on the necks of the proud an haughty'
Who does Roger of Howden imply encouraged Young Henry to rebel King Louis and 'the barons of England and Normandy who disliked his father'
Who does Peter of Blois imply encourages Young Henry to rebel Eleanor of Aquitaine
Why does Jones argue Young Henry rebelled because he was 'paradoxically denied the fruits of his kingship'
Limoges When What 1172 Raymond of Toulouse swore homage to King of England not the Duke of Aquitaine - angered Richard
What happened to Geoffrey in 11173 Geoffrey was given the role of Bishop Elect in Lincoln - this could indicate an attempt by Henry to reconcile for previous mistreatment of Geoffrey
What in 1176 confirmed the Assize of Clarendon Assize of Northampton
Which of Young Henry's castles did Henry II give away (arguably triggering Great Rebellion) Loudon Mirebeau Chinon (at the heart of Anjou, Young Henrys territory)
Who did Henry II give 3 Key castles to in 1174 and why Count of Mauriennes as apart of marriage arrangements between his daughter and John
Who does McLynn argue becomes a pretext for the mighty struggle between 2 Henrys Prince John
What important achievements did William of Scotland make in the Great Rebellion Laid waste to Cumbria and Northumberland Had prominent role in the rebel victories at Huntingdon and Nottingham
Why does Jones argue Eleanor of Aquitaine rebelled in 1173 Because she had become 'politically disenchanted'
What does Professor Boussard argue about the Angevin Empire that Henrys lands formed an administrative an geographical whole and therefore were an empire
What does E. Hallam argue regarding the Angevin Empire that as it was never intended to stay together, and had no sense of political unity it was not an empire
Who argues that Henry and Eleanor never considered their joint accumulation of lands an Empire, as each was subject to its own customs and no capital was more important S. Schama
Who argue the only measure of unity across the empire was Henry and without Henry there was no empire Warren
How does J.C. Holt describe the Angevin lands as 'cobbled together'
Who argues Becket's principles were 'outdated' and too extreme, however the consequences of his actions were huge S. Schama
What does Gilbert Foliot say on Becket A fool he is and a fool he always will be
Laudabiliiter What When 1155 The out of date Papal Bull which allowed Henry II to got to Ireland
What happened at Westminster in 1163 October 1163 Henry raised the issue of Criminous clerks; Becket made his opposition to Henry's plans clear - Becket was stripped of the honours of Eye and Berkampstead, and the tutorship of Young Henry
Pope confirmed his legates actions When November 1166 (Was confirming Becket at Vezelay)
25th January 1171 - what? Archbishop of Sens laid an interdict on all Henry's French fiefs
When does Louis VII dies 1180
1187 - Anjou - What? Phillip invades western Anjou in retaliation for Richard's savage behaviour in Aquitaine
Richard joined Phillip - When? 1188
1189 - Maine and Anjou Phillip and Richard invaded Maine and Anjou together in the summer, the core of the Angevin empire
Colombieres - what + when July 1189 Henry was forced to do homage to Richard and Phillip and into unconditional surrender
When did Phillip gain Gisors 1193
What does Holt argue Phillip and John's relative revenues Phillip = £73,000 John = £30,000
What does Gillingham argue John and Phillip's relative revenues That they were more or less equal
Who argues that despite Longchamp's 'political tactlessness and personal arrogance' he was effective in conducting royal business C. Tyerman
'one of the greatest royal ministers of all time. In organising the royal justice, finance, warfare or administration he was supreme, his authority was matched by his competence' Who is Tyerman talking about Hubert Walter
Which historian argues through his absence Richard made England stronger and more efficient administratively Clanchy
Richard - duchy of Aquitaine - When 1172
Audita Tremendi When What 1187 Papal Bull which called the Third Crusade
1189 - Worcester What Happened? Richard met with all but one of the Welsh Kings at Worcester, receiving their word that they wouldn't invade England while Richard was on crusade
What did Phillip tempt John with in 1192 What was his response offers John all the Angevin lands in France John didn't join him until he heard of Richard's abduction
Hubert Walter - How much did he boast to collect in 1193 100,000
Example of strategic castle in Anjou Richard takes back from Phillip 1194 Loches
Richard's Diplomatic Victory 1196 - Who? Richard arranges an alliance with Count Raymond VI of Toulouse - an enemy of the Angevins since 1159
Richards Diplomatic Victory - 1197 - Who? Richard scored an alliance with the Count of Flanders, ensuring the safety of England's south coast
Richards Diplomatic Victory - 1198 - Who Richard's preferred candidate to the German throne and a friend of the Angevins, Otto of Brunswick, elected King9
Carcuage a land tax introduced by Hubert Walter
How much was Richard's Ransom 100,000 marks
What level was the tax on moveable property introduced by Eleanor to raise Richards ransom 25%
'The road from Bouvines led directly to Runnymede' Who JC Holt
Who says 'John threw away a winning hand' and referring to when J. Gillingham On Mirebeau
'The most obvious explanation of the fact that a winning war changed into a losing one is a change of commander' Who? J. Gillingham
Key Traitors in 1204 William des Roches Aimery de Thouars Robert d'Alencon Hugh de Gournay Peter de Meulan William de Hommet Lupescar
'Foul as it ism Hell itself is defouled by the foulness of John' Who Matthew Paris
Johns Coronation - When May 1199
Who secured the Barons loyalty to John - 1199 William Marshall and Hubert Walter
What did Eleanor do for John in 1199 Recieves homage in Poitou, then did homage to Phillip for Aquitaine; which she then cedes to John
Where does Phillip attack in Autumn 1203 and why John attacks Brittany in order to draw Phillip from siege of Chateau-Gaillard
Chatteau Gaillard lost When 6th March 1204
Rouen captured When 24th June 1204
Where does John raid in 1207 Gsscony and deep into Anjou with Poitevin mercenaries
When is England put under Interdict March 1208
John is excommunicated- When 1209
Johns attempt to attack Phillip from Poitou fails due to English baronial opposition When 1212
Damme What When 1213 Attempted invasion of England by Louis (son of Phillip) but French fleet was damaged at the Port of Damme
La Rochelle - What - 1214 John lands at La Rochelle and reasserts his authority over Aquitaine
Louis Invasion When What May 1216 Louis lands in England, walks into London amongst cheering crowds
Johns Death When How September 1216 John dies of dysentery
Barons formally renounce fealty When What 5th May 1215 the rebels formally renounce their fealty, and choose Robert Fitzwalter as their leader (by May they have London)
Runnymede When What June 1215 Kings seal set to Magna Carta
Magna Carta Annulled When Who July 1215 Pope Innocent
Johns 2 Wives Isabelle of Gloucester Isabel Angouleme
How much did Nicholas de Stuteville pay to succeed his lands £6666
What would Magna Carta set the upper limit to feudal relief to succeed a barony 100
Scutage - John - How many 11
Scutage - Henry - How many 8
Scutage - Richard - How many 3
When the main threat was in Anjou in 1203 where was John Normandy
When the main threat was in the Seinne valley/East Normandy Spring 1203 where was John West Normandy
When Chatteau Gaillard fell in March 1204, where was John England
Etsi Karissmiuss When What Demonstrates? September 1215 Papal Bull which repelled Magna Carta Shows John has papal support
who is Lothar di Signi Pope Innocent
Papal legate who received John's submission to Rome Pandulph
'The most striking fact about Eleanor is her utter insignificance in Henry II’s reign…For over 35 years she was almost totally eclipsed' Who? W. L. Warren
'Her role before Henry’s death depended on the space Henry allowed her, which in the later part of his reign was none at all' Who About Who Carpenter Eleanor of Aquitaine
What is a Corrody Who got one An allowance from the Exchequer Eleanor received such a payment , suggesting he was of some importance to the government
How old was Eleanor when she died 82
'The bloodsuckers of Christian purses' Who On Who William de Montibus on the Jews
Name 2 Jewish usurers Aaron of Lincoln Isaac of Norwich
First victim of Blood Libel William of Norwich
Ringleader of Jewish Pogrom John Marshall Richard Malvis Marmaduke Darell
'a piece of vile commerce and a shameful loss to the English crown' What was this historian referring to Quit-Claim of Canterbury
How much did Richard have to pay annually to his captors to secure his freedom 5000 marks a year
Who died in 1167 Empress Matilda
Young Henrys marriage to Who When Gained what Margaret 1160 gained territory of the Vexin
Alnwick - July 1174 What? Battle were WIlliam the Lion was defeated and captured pretty much ended the Great Rebellion
Who retreated from Henry II in Normandy August 1174 Young Henry Louis Counts of Boulogne and Toulouse
What happened September 1174 Young Henry and Henry II met to settle terms
What happened at Poitou in August 1174 Richard surrendered to Henry II
Who invaded England Oct 1173 Earl of Leicester and Flemish allies landed in suffolk
Who defeated the Suffolk invasion Oct 1173 Earl of Leicester and Flemish allies landed in Suffolk but were heavily defeated by royal force led by de Lucy ad Earls of Cornwall, Gloucester and Arundel
How many of Henry's Sheriffs did Richard Retain? What does this show 7 His keenness to remove corrupt officials for royal justice to function more efficiently
Who did Richard charge £800 for allowing a prisoner to escape Robert de Ros
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