How to answer Exam Qs WJEC Style?

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The way to answer EQs

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a) Explain what religious believers mean by...'......'. 2 Marks Definition + Example
b) Explain how having a religious faith may influence a person to..... (4 Marks) Point + Example + Explanation x2
c) 'Statement' Give reasons why a religious believer may or may not agree with this statement. Point+Example+Evidence x2
d) Explain from one/two religious traditions teachings on..... 6 Marks Point+ Evidence+Explanation x2 -Use Quote and Example -Use Key Terms
e) 'Statement' Do you agree? Give reasons or evidence for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. You must include reference to religious beliefs in your answer. 8 Marks Point+Evidence+ Explanation-Islam Agree Point+Evidence+ Explanation-Christian Agree Point+Evidence+ Explanation-Islam Disagree Point+Evidence+ Explanation-Christian Disagree Opinion- Point+ Explanation
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