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Teheran Conference, 1943 Stalin wanted to punish + weaken Germany with reparations, but Churchill + Roosevelt wanted to rebuild Germany
Yalta Conference, February 1945 1. Germany split into 4 zones. 2. Berlin split into 4 zones. 3. Countries of Eastern Europe allowed free elections.
Potsdam Conference, August 1945 1. Nazi party banned + leaders trailed as war criminals. 2. Oder-Neisse (2 rivers) to be the boundary between Poland and Germany.
Tensions at Potsdam Conference 1. Roosevelt replaced by Truman. 2. Churchill replaced by Attlee. 3. Stalin wanted more reparations for Germany, whereas USA + Britain wanted Germany to recover – Stalin suspicious.
Truman Doctrine, 1947 Political aid – Policy of containment of Communism in Europe.
Marshall Plan, 1947 Economic aid from the USA – aimed for the economic recovery of Europe to prevent the spread of Communism.
Cominform, 1947 Alliance of Communist countries – aimed to spread communist ideas.
Comecon, 1949 Set up to coordinate production and trade of Eastern European countries.
NATO, 1949 Military alliance of Western European countries to defend each other.
WTO, 1955 Communist version of NATO.