Roman Britain

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Rudston Venus
Personification of Winter Chedworth
Chi Rho mosaic Earliest depiction of Christ Hinton St Mary
Tomb of Classicianus Provincial Procturator Found in London
Tomb of Loginus Cavalry Sergeant Colchester Early AD43-50 due to the fact that he is a Thracian who fought for the Roman Army in AD46
Tomb of Aurelia Aureliana Carlisle Romano-British tomb pine cones = life Poppies = sleep Wearing the Birrus Britanicus
Marcus Favonius Facilis Colchester 43-47AD - XX Legion lacking the honorary title - Valeria Victrix Vine stick= symbol of authority
Dolphin and Cupid Mosaic Fishbourne Pallace Seahorses and sea panthers surround the central circle
Chedworth Villa - central zone Features: Water Shrine, double courtyard, built AD180-350? Four seasons Mosaic - dining room
North Leigh Villa-Oxfordshire Good example of villa developments over time - Belgic - Corridor Villa 1st Century, Winged Corridor and baths 2nd and 3rd Century and then courtyard in the 4th Century Abandoned 5th Century Mosaics from the Corinium School at Cirencester Possible residence of Roman officials or leaders of the native population co-opted in and rewarded.
Woodchester Villa - Gloucestershire Double courtyard Great Pavement Mosaic Marble statues - Diana Luna, Cupid, Psyche -room 25 2 possible bath houses Monumental gate entrance
Venus and her Nymphs High Rochester - beyond Hadrian's Wall 2nd and 3rd Century
Head of Mercury- temple of Uley Gloucester Late 2nd Century Most popular Roman god in Britain - god of traders and travellers
Antonine Wall Distance Slab Victory reclining in the style of a river God XX Legion
Statue Base Caerwent "Civitas Silurum" - pays reference to the Civitas Capital of the Silures tribe - one of the most difficult tribes to overcome in Britain - tells us that they had a local council -Ordo and it also tells us that Paulinus was a Legionary Commander before he returned as Governor of Britannia Inferior in AD220
Head of Antenociticus from the temple at Benwell on Hadrian's Wall Celtic Deity - Romanised with a temple outside the fort walls
Silver Plaque of Cocidius- Celtic Deity of Hunting Found at Bewcastle on Hadiran's Wall Votive Plaque Holds a Spear and a shield - associated with Mars
Gilt bronze head of Minerva from the temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath classical art
Gorgon Head from the temple of Sulis Minerva - Bath Fusion of Celtic and Classical in that the pediment it sat in had a very classical theme
Genii Cucullati from Netherby - Cumberland Human forms for Celtic Deities They hold egg shaped objects - Toynbee suggests are objects of fertility - disputed Hooded cloaks - points worn away
Roman style head found at Towcester Celtic features and Roman hairstyle Example of Fusion?
Cross section of a Roman Road
When was Britannia split into two provinces? 197 Septimus Severus had the idea it was finally put into action in 211/12
When was the Diocese of the Britains split into 4 provinces? 297 under Constantius
When did Hadrian visit Roman Britain and what is his visit associated with? 122AD - the building of Hadrian's Wall and the consolidation of the Empire as well as building works
What town was known as: Venta Silurum Caerwent
What town was known as Viroconium Cornoviorum Wroxeter
What town was known as Verulamium St Albans
In what year did Constantine legalise Christianity? 314AD
When were all people living in the Empire granted citizenship? 212AD
What evidence do we have of Isis being worshipped in London A flagon/jug bears her name
Where was the first capital in Britain Colchester
When did London become the capital and for what reason? AD60 after the Boudiccan revolt
What was the God Asklepios the God of? Healing /Greek
What does I O M stand for? Jupiter Best and Greatest
Samian Ware
What do we have evidence for at Petuaria? A Theatre - written evidence but no physical evidence
What is a vicus? A settlement formed on the outskirts of a fort or on a major road
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