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How much was Roger de Lacy fined for inheriting Pontefract (in Richard's reign) 3000 marks
What did Harvey Bagot offer for Stafford What did Hubert Walter Demand (in Richard's reign) 200 marks 300 marks
What amount of royal lands did Richard give away £2000
Who led a revolt in London in 1196 William FitzOsbert
How much did the Barons pay into the Exchequer In Henrys reign? In Richards Reign? £3540 £11231
Who objected to Hubert Walter's demands for 300 Knights to serve for 1 year in 1197 Why Bishop Hugh of Lincoln Bishop of Salisbury Proclaimed they didn't owe military obligation outside of England
Bristol Tallage When What 1207 Tallage of £2,666 and 10% value of all bonds
When was there particularly aggressive exploitation of debita Judeorum 1207
What happened in 1210 (Jews) Arrest and imprisonment of all important Jews in the country 2 examples = Isaac of Canterbury (hanged) Bristol Jew (teeth)
Who (significantly) was hanged in 1210 Isaac of Canterbury
What happened to a Bristol Jew in 1210 Had his teeth removed, once a day, until his debts were paid
Fourth Lateran Council When What 1215 Passes law of the badge wearing indicating whether one is Jewish
when was the attack on the London Jewry 1215
'It seemed to Christian plaintiffs that crown officials under John favoured Jews' Who said it G. Hindley
Name 4 significant individuals out the country at the time of the York Pogrom Richard I Archbishop of Canterbury - Baldwin of Forde Northern Prelate - Hugh de Puiset Nigel de Mowbray (Most powerful Yorkshire magnate)
By the York Pogrom, how long had York not had an Archbishop 10 years
Sheriff of Yorkshire removed 1189 Why is this significant Rannulf Glanville Removed a key power in Yorkshire, allowing general disorder to grow - precedes York Pogrom
Archbishop of Canterbury Baldwin of Forde
How many Jews in York (around the Pogrom) 150
Leaders of the York Jewry Josce Benedict Substantial lender and list of debtors was lengthy
What was Benedict by March 1190 DEAD leaving the occupants of his house, including his widow and children at the mercy of a band of armed raiders
Main barons involved in the York Pogrom William Percy Marmaduke Darell Phillip de Fauconberg John Marshall
Who was the new Sherriff of Yorkshire 1190 John Marshall
Who was the Castellan of Clifford's Tower Richard Malebisse
When did the Jews commit mass suicide 16th March 1190
What happened to the Jews that did not die They decided to revert to Christianity rather than die; at this point they had been promised mercy if they left they castle. But when they left the castle they were massacred; 17th March 1190
What was Richards reaction to the York Pogrom Enraged he sent William Longchamp to York in May 1190 with an armed force - upon his arrival the citizens of York protested their collective innocence and were thus relieved from punishment. Longchamp took hostages from the remaining citizens and sent them into custody at Northampton. John Marshall replaced
What happened to John Marshall after the York Pogrom he was replaced as Sheriff by Osbert, another of Longchamp's brothers
Whose lands were confiscated by Richard after the York Pogrom The ringleaders - Richard Malebisse and William Percy
What does the 1159 tax on the Jews reveal That 'seigniorial Jewries' (those under the control of barons) had been placed under royal control.
What do the Charters state are Jewish Rights are these rights included free movement and trade (except in Church property and blood-stained cloth), and the right to succeed to money and debts (not that this always happened)
Terms of Avranches, 1172 Henry II to be granted forgiveness if Provided 200 Knights for a year to defend Jerusalem; Take cross for 3 years unless excused by Pope; Had to allow appeals to Rome; Had to restore possessions of Canterbury to how they were a year before Archbishop's exile; Had to pay restitution to those who suffered supporting Becket's cause
Lawyer at Avranches, 1172 Arnulf of Liseux
How does Anne Duggan describe Becket and Henry's relationship 'like brothers'
After 1176 what was the ruling on 'criminous clerks' They were now to be tried under canon law although they were only allowed one felony before being tried in secular courts, making it harder to claim benefit of the clergy; clerks accused of breaking forest law were tried in secular courts
'The murder had a catastrophic effect on Henry and his reputation never really recovered from it' Who said this about Becket's murder Tessa Shepperson
How did Henry II gain papal excusal and not have to go on Crusade (As he had promised at Avranches, 1172) 2000 marks sustaining 200 Knights in the Holy Land for a year Built 3 new monastries
Archbishop of Canterbury (1174) Richard of Dover
Despite Avranches Henry continued to control church elections. How many bishops did he elect in 1173 6
What did Henry II promise regarding vacant bishoprics in 1176 He promised not to keep bishoprics and abbeys vacant for more than a year except where there was 'urgent and evident necessity'
Examples of Henry II continuing to keep Church positions vacant despite 1176 promise not to York - 1181-9 bringing in £1000 a year out of the total net receipts for vacant churches which was £4000 Canterbury - 1170-4 Dover - Vacant for 4 years
In 1172 how much did Henry II gain from Church vacancies How much in 1184 £4000 £2300
Examples of King John's act that suggest genuine piety Founded Beaulieu Abbey Made donations to Reading Abbey His gifts to the Church made up 6% of his revenue Continued to donate even during the Interdict, suggesting his issues with the Church were wholly political
Who did the Canterbury Monks elect as Archbishop of Canterbury Who did John want Who did the Pope appoint Reginald John de Gray Stephen Langton
What did John have to do after becoming a Papal Vassal Pay £666 annually Made return all Church land which he had seized during Interdict Accept appointment of Stephen Langton Welcome back rebellious vassals e.g. Robert FitzWalter and Eustace de Vesci
How much did John gain from Church property he seized during the Interdict £11,000
What evidence is there to suggest that before 1212 the Interdict doesn't seem to have had much effect baptism, confession, absolution continued and monasteries were allowed to celebrate mass
'This unexpected move worked like a charm, Innocent was delighted' Which historian said this about John becoming a Papal Vassal Warren
Other prominent rulers that had held the status of Papal Vassal Rulers of Sicily and Aragorn
What does Harper-Billl consider John becoming a Papal Vassal to be 'masterstroke'
What does The Barnwell Chronicle consider John becoming a Papal Vassal to be 'a monstrous yoke of servitude'
'From the moment he ...made his kingdom part of St. Peters patrimony, there was no prince in the Roman world who would dare attack him or invade his land' Who? The Barnwell Chronicle
Evidence of the Pope protecting John from the Capetians Innocent refused to bless Phillip Augustus' threatened invasion of England Prince Louis would later be forced to go on Crusade against the Cathars for his role in 1216-7
John got his way in all ... (how many)... elections after 1213 Example 6 Walter de Gray to Worcester in 1214
Examples that Henry II restored royal authority over the Church despite Becket dispute Continued to control appointments and vacancies. Church land continued to be held in return for secular service. Royal consent was needed for excommunications. Bishops could not attend council abroad without the King's license. Papal legates could not enter Kingdom without Kings permission
When did Louis marry Eleanor of Aquitaine When did he go on the Second Crusade 1137 1147
When did Henry II swear homage to Louis, granting him the Norman Vexin temporarily 1151
When did Henry II perform homage to Louis VII for his continental possessions 1156
What did Louis do in 1159 Louis prevents Henry from taking Toulouse, despite Henry’s military superiority, indicating Capetian power
When did Henry II seize the Vexin and how 1160 Through the marriage of the Infants Young Henry and Margaret
In the 3 weeks after the fall of Chateau Gaillard what important territories did Phillip gain Argentan, Failaise, Caen, Bayeuz and Liseur
When was the Battle of Bouvines 27th July 1214
Where and When was John defeated in 1214 La Roche-aux-Moines (near Angers) on July 2nd 1214; this prevented John’s invasion of Aquitaine, Anjou and planned pincer attack on Paris.
Why could John set off on French campaign earlier and when did he try 1212 + 1213 Lack of baronial support
Who met with the rebels at Oxford in February 1215 What is the King trying to do here William Marshall and Stephen Langton seems to be stalling the rebellion; he has just blown his treasury on another campaign.
Why is John in a stronger position by April 1215 Strengthened his castles Taken crusader vows - has papal support
Who is a chief draftsman of Magna Carta What could this indicate Peter des Roches he was a ‘new man’, and John’s Justiciar; this could be John controlling Magna Carta from the inside and consequently preventing any hostilities and playing for time. Arguably the inclusion of the 25 baron’s clause is a deliberate move by John through des Roches; they needed a clause sufficiently controversial that it it must be annulled by the Pope, yet pleasing to the Barons
Which of Richard's important diplomatic alliances did John lose Why is it significant Counts of Flanders, Blois, Boulogne, Perche and Toulouse. both Boulogne and Toulouse allied themselves with Phillip and the others were crusading. previously Phillip had been forced to fight on more than one front and now Boulougne was to even become one of Phillips ‘most distinguished commanders’ in the conquest of Normandy.
How much did Richard spend on Chateau Gaillard compared to other castles Spent £12,000 on Chateau Gaillard and only about £9000 on English castles
What did Richard have to do at Bonmoulins Voluntarily did homage to Phillip He also had to confirm the cession of Issoudun and Graçay to Philip, and to renounce his claim to suzerainty over Auvergne
When was Bonmoulins What did it allow Richard to do November 1188 Join Philip against his father
After the 1193 revolt, what did Phillip gain Gisors a large swathe of Normandy, reaching as far as Dieppe
What was agreed at Mantes on July 9 1193 the French king could keep his gains from revolt with John and would be given some extra territories if he halted operations then and there. If Richard wanted those possessions back, he would have to pay 20,000 marks and pay homage to Philip.
John used Mercenaries in the Normandy campaign. What did Phillip use and how did it campaign Feudal levies. These were limited to a certain amount of service where as mercenaries could be employed all year. However mercenaries were more expensive meaning the war tolled significantly harder on the Angevin economy than on Phillips
Tax of a 13th What was this, who introduced it John introduced new income tax on rents and chattels where people were charged one thirteenth of the total value
Which taxes did John significantly increase Inheritance tax – Increased from £100’s to £1000’s Aids Tax – Increased significantly on the knighting of the lord’s eldest son, on the marriage of the lord’s eldest daughter, and for ransom of the lord from captivity. Barons had to pay to get a fair court hearing.
By how much did John increase the annual revenue of the Crown He quadrupled it
What were the improvements John made to the tax system his new taxes were easier to calculate and collect, all taxes were recorded on parchment rolls (showing John had nothing to hide)
How does Gillingham describe John's approach with the Barons 'ham-fisted'
Clause 12 of Magna Carta specifically states that any scutage or aid, cannot be levied from the kingdom without its general consent
Clause 55 and 61 of Magna Carta relate to what both refer to a basic structure of Parliament, made of 25 elected barons. These would have the power to overrule unpopular decisions by the King and potentially overthrow him
What type of King was John after Bouvines now a ‘thoroughly discredited’ king
Example Clause of Magna Carta which suggests it was designed to settle baronial petty greivances Clause 33, the Fish Weir clause
What does Carpenter stress is important in causing Magna Carta John's personality
What in Magna Carta suggests John misused hostages Clause 49 and 58 both demand the release of hostages (particularly naming Llewellyn’s son), emphasising how much of an issue it was
Example of John misusing hostages after the assassination plot of 1212, John promised to modify harsh policies yet demanded hostages and more cash; a chance of reconciliation was wasted
What does Magna Carta rule regarding mercenaries Magna Carta explicitly states that once peace is established such men should be banished from the Kingdom
How much did the Tax of a 13th raise in 1207 raised £60,000, an enormous sum of money, and twice the normal annual revenue of the crown at that time
Who describes John as an 'absolute rotter', worst King in English history Vincent
Who said Eleanor's life 'epitomised the constrained role attached to medieval heiresses' Tyerman
Who argues Eleanor's role complimented her husbands e.g. through her regency Martindale
Example of Eleanor complimenting Henry's reign When Henry was campaigning in Toulouse 1159, Eleanor intervened in the English legal dispute between the Abbot of St. Albans and his tenants, and oversaw a quit claim from Robert of Flambard Witnessed royal charters, writs and documents embodying magnates in her name
Who recognises Eleanor as significant in gaining the throne for Richard Purser
Who does Martindale credit for ensuring Hubert Walter's appointment Eleanor of Aquitaine
When was Eleanor and Richard in a close working relationship And Where 1168-73 Aquitane
Argues of Eleanor's diplomatic significance Mediated between Richard and John Negotiated with Pope Celestine III about Richards release/ransom 1200 travelled to Castille to choose a granddaughter for King Phillip's heir, future Louis VIII; Blanche of Castille
Example of Eleanor's Insignificance Great Rebellion Failed Woman Pregnant 1153-67 Imprisoned 1173-89 Lands weren't significant enough for Louis not to annul the marriage 1152
When did the Jews come to London in significant number 1066
When were the Jews expelled from England 1290
When was the demonic characteure of Isaac of Norwich drawn 1233
Core religious causes of Anti-Semitism Monotheistic Deicide accusation semi-divine status of Roman Emperor
When was the martyrdom of William of Norwich 1144
example of accusation of ritual murder by Jews in Europe The Blois massacre of 1171 followed a visit by the Bishop of Norwich
By how much did anti-Semitism increase after First Crusade 10%
When did Henry start borrowing from the JEws 1170s
When and What did the English Law Book state (Jews) 1180 Stated Jews belong to the King
When was the Exchequer of the Jews What was it 1194 All loans now had to be registered and duplicated
On his death how much wealth did Aaron of Lincoln have Equalled 3/4 of royal revenue
How high was the interest rates of the Jews 66%
What was created in 1186 (Jews) Exchequer of Aaron
What did the 4th Lateran Council state Jews must be distinguished by dress made explicit complaints against the rate of interest Jews charged
'John was just as treacherous, greedy, bad-tempered and immoral as his brother' Who said that Sumption
by the time John came to the throne ‘the cupboard was bare’ Who said this Geoghagen
Young Henry served mainly as a puppet for Louis Vii Who Jones
‘old rivalries and specific discontent account for many of the participants’ Who n what Mortimer on Great Rebellion
Young Henrys 2nd coronation In 1172 he was crowned again alongside his Queen at Winchester Cathedral by Rotrou, Archbishop of Rouen
When did Henry offer to have any ‘bad’ customs introduces since 1154 scrutinised by learned churchmen Montmiral 1169
‘‘John was no more assertive or rapacious…than his royal predecessors’ Harper Bill
Richard was an attractive man and a thoroughly bad monarch Painter
Who argues the payment of Richard's ransom destabilised the Anglo Norman realm Vincent
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