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EVH 702 Study guide for 1st semester. Terms to know.

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Quantitative Research Design Object is to get reliable data; seeks to eliminate bias from errors in methodology; pre-supposes some knowledge from community
Qualitative Research Design A research plan; a formal statement of which the research will be implemented
Qualitative Research Often elaborated as research progresses. More flexible and not so in order as quantitative. Many steps happen at the same time **Plan for unexpected and plan for own ignorance. Plan can be elaborated during your study. Welcome unplanned things-> will enrich your research. Be imaginative, flexible, allocate time. Research design is minimal; baseline open for change.
Quantitative Research 1.) Identify research problem. 2.) Formulate Hypothesis. 3.) Operationalise variables. 4.) Construct a sampling frame. 5.) Select samples. 6.) Prepare question & questionnaire. 7.) Pilot testing. 8.) Revision of unsuccessful questionnaires. 9.) Train interviewers. 10.) Implement survey/enumerate-i.e. census in 1day. 11.) Data entry. 12.) Data editing/cleaning. 13. Data analysis. 14.) Presentation
Qualitative Research methods In-depth interviewing; participant observation; focus groups.
Variables A characteristic of a person, object or phenomenon-can take on different values: numbers->numerical values categories->categorical variables i.e. male/female; yes/no
Dependent variables variable used to describe or measure the problem under study
Independent variable variables used to describe or measure the factors that are assumed to cause or influence the problem
Numerical variables continuous scale-consist of continuum of measurements; ordinal scale-high, middle, low incomes
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