England's Changing relations with foreign powers

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1485 Accession of Henry VII
1489 Treaty of Medina Del Campo
1492 Henry VII attacked Bolougne Treaty of Etaples
1496 Magnus Intercursus Signed
1501 Marriage of Catherine of A to Arthur
1503 Second Treaty of Ayton; Margaret Married James IV
1506 Treaty of Windsor; Malus Intercursus signed
1509 Accession of Henry VIII
1512-1514 Wars with Scotland & France Battle of Flodden & Spurs
1518 Treaty of London
1520 Field of Cloth of Gold
1522-23 England at war with france
1527 Treaty of Westminster with France
1542-50 War With Scotland
1543-46 War With France
1547 Accession of Edward VI
1549-50 War with France (bolougne returned 1550)
1551 Collapse of Antwerp cloth market
1553 Accession of Mary
1557-59 War with France (Loss of Calais 1558)
1558 Accession of Elizabeth I
1559-60 Intervention in Scotland & Treaty of Edinburgh
1562 Outbreak of French wars of religion & England at war with France (62-64)
1566-7 Outbreak of dutch revolt
1567 Private aid to dutch rebels & ports opened to the Sea Beggars
1568 Mary queen of Scots arrives in England
1570 excommuncation of Elizabeth by pope pius V
1570's Drake plundered Spanish Galleons
1572 outbreak of the second dutch revolt Treaty of Blois renewed (1574) Massacre of st batholomews day in France
1585 Treaty of Nonsuch Leicester sent to the Netherlands Undeclared war with Spain to 1604
1587 Execution of MQS
1588 Defeat of the first Spanish Armada
1589 Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) became king of France; Expeditions sent to help him) to 1596
1596 Raid on Cadiz by Essex and Raleigh
1603 Accession of James VI of Scotland to English throne as James I
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