Lymphatic System

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Formed Series of fluid (lymph) circulating in a vessel
Lymph Clear in color & it's composed similar to the blood except containing no red blood cells Born in lymphoid tissues (lymph, lymph nodes & networks) Quilo: Milky color after meals [fat]
Defensive Function Lymph nodes --> lymphocytes produced in response to foreign agents. Macrophages -> eat harmful substances in our body
Fat Absorption function Fats are absorbed through the lymphatic system and transported to the circulatory system
Capillary exchange function Substances are recovered by the lymphatic system during the exchange in the capillary vein from the leg Retrives substances lost because of the capillary exchange in the circulatory system
Lymphatic System Ducts } -Big limphatic vein /\ -Thoracic duct Capillaries Vessels Nodes
Organs Tonsils (1st barrier to keep out infections) Thymus Sleen
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