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Website Connotations (Photos shown below) 1. They show an information bar at the top, which the text is in the same colour as the bands name shown below. This allows people to easily go onto the desired pages. Such as "News", "Music" and "Album", giving information that they want to present to an existing or forming 'fan' - yet on a professional level (as social media presents them as more laid back) In terms on the genre the same signature text style the band has obtained through their album - which indie/alternative fans will be able to remember.
To the right of this bar, symbols of the social medias that the band have are given. These again are the same colour and match with the rest of the page. However, they are significant because they complement the target audience. Not only will they actually understand what the symbols are for - Sound Cloud, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but themselves are most likely to have the matching social media. Enabling them to be able to stay up to date with the band and communicate on a more personal level. So, if somebody was to go onto their website being interested into their music, they may be more likely to follow the interests of the band and become more of the conventional 'Fan' The picture they give to centre their website changed with a fade into multiple pictures of the same car, just at different angles. This pictures matches their album cover and music video for 'Things We Lost in the Fire', to which similar conventions are shown in 'Pompeii' and 'Oblivion' through the use of car races. Again, this may be a way they want to demonstrate themselves to the audience - as their album is obviously a part of their success. To which fans on the songs will understand
There are also many links that take the person off of their home page and into other websites - such as social media, iTunes, merch stores and PDF downloads. Which advertises themselves better and easier - so the person doesn't have to research every page to find something. Picture 3 - Here their show their original releases of music, including their single "Pompeii" and their album "Bad Blood" along side their new releases such as "Oblivion". As the denotations above explain, they stick with a very similar theme; having the focus picture still evident, their name above and the title bar. By displaying their music, they are fitting in the genre of indie (suggesting it has a smaller group of followers) as they want to demonstrate their success and art to gain more listeners. Which is formed in a easy layout which is liked by the indie audience.
Similar conventions are seen within (Picture 4) Here is what the page looks like when you click on the tab of 'Videos'. I feel this page is very effective as meeting the indie target audience. For example, they include all of the conventions mentioned above - such as the name and centre photo. However, the layout is again supporting the likes of the audience. The boarder of a film strip is a edgy, alternative method to please the audience - as they may be interested into these things (old cameras, photography etc). Also, the layout is again easy to locate around, as the videos range from: live, official, fan made and remixes only. Including fan made 'Other peoples heartache' is a simple method that easily includes fans into the success of themselves.
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