Terms People & Places for Chapter 23

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Terms People & Places for Chapter 23 from the Prentice Hall World History Book 2011 edition.

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Rotton Borough Rural towns with no population that landowners used to send members to parliament.
Electorate The body of people allowed to vote
Secret Ballot A way for people to cast their votes... secretly
Queen Victoria Queen of Britain from 1837 - 1901. Had the longest reign in british history. Set tone for Victorian age where middle class was confident in the future
Benjamin Disraeli Leader of the Tories who became the modern Conservative Party
William Gladstone Leader of the Whigs who became the Liberal Party
Parliamentary Democracy Form of government in which the executive leaders (usually a prime minister and cabinet) are chosen by and responsible to the legislature (parliament) ,and are also members of it
Free Trade Trade between countries without quotas, tariffs, or other restrictions
Repeal To cancel
Abolition Movement The campaign against slavery and the slave trade
Capital Offenses Crimes punishable by death. Before British reforms were murder, shoplifting, sheep stealing, and impersonating an army veteran. After reforms were murder, piracy, treason, and arson.
Penal Colonies Settlements for convicts.
Absentee Landlords British landowners who owened huge estates in Ireland but did not live on them.
Home Rule Local self government
Napoleon III Lifted censorship and gave legislature more power. Promoted investment in industry and large-scale ventures (railroad building and the urban renewal of Paris) Legalized labor unions, extended public education to girls, and created small health program.
Suez Canal A canal in Egypt, that would link the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean
Provisional A temporary government that evolved into France's Third Republic
Premier Prime Minister, who had most of the power in the Third Republic. More than the elected president.
Coalitions Alliances with various parties in government
Dreyfus Affair What they called the uproar about Dreyfus who was allegedly a spy. His followers or whatever were called Dreyfusards
Libel The knowing publication of false damaging statements
Zionism A movement devoted to rebuilding a Jewish state
Expansionism Extending the nations boundaries
Louisiana Purchase The purchase of land that pretty much doubled the size of the nation. President Thomas Jefferson bought it from France.
Manifest Destiny The Americans claimed that their nation was destined to sread across the entire contrinent, from sea to sea.
Seceded To withdraw from
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