English Culture: 20th century

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The Twentieth Century I, 1900-1945
Provide examples for the emergence of the welfare state in early 20th century Britain.
rise of the welfare state because of rise of the working class (=> political party necessary for their interests) Liberal party: won the election in 1906, two "left-wing" parties: Liberals and Labour
1907 free school meals 1908 Old-Age pensions act 1911 National Insurance Act reforms were far removed from the Victorian principle of individual responsibility
Describe the impact of the First World War on Great Britain
after WW1 British empire: imperial domain larger than ever => new territories in the Middle East were added to the BE; but expensive/difficult to maintain structure 1914: Britain would have lost its position even without the war
impact was immense coal mines, railways and shipping were taken under state control, working conditions (medical care) improved, wages increased, free elementary education for everyone
emancipation of women: supreme benefactors, served in hospitals or did medical help during the war, access to professional careers, more rights and certain liberties (smoking, cloths)
What was Britain's policy during the Second World War?
Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September at first uneventful, but became fiercer in April 1940 security of Britain in danger, change of PM: Chamberlain => Chruchchill took over
Churchill as wartime prime minister (his reputation soared; Finest hour); territoral security threatened as never before since Napoleon, however British pilots successfully defended airspace 'blitz' attacks on London and other cities
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