Social 30-1 Unit 1

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What type of an understanding can be called an ideology? One's general understanding of how the world is and how the world ought to be.
What is the difference between personal identity and collective identity? Personal identity: the idea that you have of yourself as a unique individual. Collective identity: one that you share with other people as a member of a larger social group.
What do individualist ideologies tend to advocate? They tend to advocate individual rights and freedom from government and from collective controls and restrictions.
Explain Charles Dickens' point of view on the impact of classical liberalism on society. Classical liberalism has severely impacted the environment and degraded workers to only work and labour.
Summarize the two different beliefs and values about children between classical and modern liberalism. Classical liberalism gave little to no care for the lives and well being of the children. Modern liberalism prioritized the safe upbringing and healthy livelihood of the children.
What is the mission of social studies? To make sense of the human condition.
What does one need in order to become an informed, responsible, and active citizen? You need to be able to understand and evaluate government policies and actions, and develop informed responses to local, national, and global issues.
What do citizens need in order to participate in a democratic society? People need to understand not only human nature and society, but also what it means to be a citizen and what a citizen's role in society should be.
What was Thomas Hobbes' view on human nature? Thomas Hobbes believed that human nature is characterized by fear, violence, and dangerous self interest.
What is the doctrine of divine right of kings? The belief that power rested with God and the king (who was chosen by God to rule) and therefore had absolute power.
What did Locke say was the reason for government existence? Locke believed that the government existed only to protect life, liberty, & property.
What was Rousseau's ideal state? Rousseau's ideal state was one where the general will of the people was the absolute authority.
What is the definition of ideology? A set of principles or ideas that explains your world and your place within it, which is based on certain assumptions about human nature and society and provides an interpretation of the past, an explanation of the present, and a vision of the future.
According to Aldour Huxley's book Brave New World, what is the secret of happiness? The secret to happiness is liking what you've got to do.
Where does hate come from according to Nelson Mandela? According to Mandela, hate is something that people are taught at a young age.
To what extent does religion and spirituality influence ideology? It can affect one's ideology by introducing different traditions and a sense of community. Political ideologies such as Christian Democracy incorporates many principles of a religion.
Describe the ideology known as "Green Politics". Green politics was influenced by environmentalism. Its general principles stress environmentalism, ecology, and sustainable economics.
What is the stated purpose of Francophone schools in Alberta? The stated purpose of the Francophone schools was to reverse assimilation.
What is a totalitarian state? A totalitarian state is one in which a powerful central government exercises strict control over all aspects of citizens' lives and does not allow political oppression.
What is pluralism? Pluralism is a policy that actively promotes the acceptance of diversity in a society.
How does the Canadian government state its position on pluralism in the Multiculturalism Act of 1987? They recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism reflects the cultural and racial diversity of Canadian society and acknowledges the freedom of all members of Canadian society to preserve, enhance, and share their cultural heritage.
What theme do Marxists and capitalists emphasize? Marxists concentrate heavily on the theme of class while capitalists emphasize the theme of freedom.
How is a free private market closely related to human freedom? Free private markets are closely related to human freedom because it is the only mechanism that permit a complex interrelated society to be organized from, the bottom up rather than the top down.
What is needed, according to Ovide Mercredi, in order to heal the Native people? The principle of respect, kindness, can heal the people.
What opinion did Albert Einstein have about individualism? Albert Einstein believed that individualism drives man to gain an ego boost and become negatively dependent on society.
What ideas does individualism stress the importance of? Most individualist ideologies stress the importance of ideas such as personal autonomy and self reliance.
Why were ancient cultures exclusively collectivist? The earliest human societies were collectivist because it was possible to survive only by working and hunting as part of a group.
According to Inuit elder Mary Anulik Kutsiq, what happens as the population grows? She believed that as the population grows, so does the gap between people.
What gave the Roman Catholic Church their immense power? The spiritual ruler held immense power as the gatekeeper of heaven.
Why was there very little individualism in political matters during the time of St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas? They argued that authority was derived from God and divinely instituted natural laws.
How did the protestant reformation contribute to the growth of individualism? The Protestant Reformation challenged the authority of the dominant Roman Catholic Church.
What does rule of law mean? Everyone is subject to the law, that no one, no matter how important or powerful, is above the law.
How do the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit view land ownership? The land reflects a person's interrelationship with nature and all living things.
Why does Ronald A. Cass believe that rights to intellectual property are so important in our modern society? He believes that rights to intellectual property are the foundation for advancing idea-generated growth and the enormous range of improvements in our lives that came from new technologies.
What is a free market? A free market is a market in which consumers and businesses have free choice to buy, sell, or trade, without government interference in transactions.
What is a welfare state? One in which the economy is capitalist, but the govt uses policies that directly or indirectly modify the market forces in order to ensure economic stability and a basic
What economic problem did Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith note about American society? Increases in wealth
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