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NEVERTHELESS Sin embargo, aún así
STEADY Firme ,regular The economy expanded in a regular and steady fashion
DAMPEN Disminuir Not even the bad weather can dampen my enthusiasm
TURMOIL Confusión, agitación. Political turmoil = Tormenta política
ALL IN ALL en definitiva, después de todo, considerándolo todo. All in all, I think you did a fine job. The trip wasn't perfect, but all in all, I'm glad we went.
DARM Presa, dique
FLOOD Riada, inundación
MILD blando, suave, leve. apacible, tranquilo. The player only suffered a mild penalty for the foul. The weather in France is mild
CONCIEVABLY Posiblemente
FOLDABLE Plegable. Gary brought some foldable chairs on the camping trip.
SPANK Azotar. Ellen spanked her son when she found out he'd been bullying younger children at school. Nigel reached out and gave the dog a spank when it tried to steal food from the table.
CHESSBOARD Tablero de ajedrez
STAGGERING Impactante, asombroso
HUBRIS orgullo desmedido, arrogancia
LUST LUST FOR Deseo, injuria. Avaricia por, codicia por, deseo por
GREED Gula, glotonería
CASK barril, barrica, cuba. I thought you said the cask of Amontillado was in your wine cellar
FROWN fruncir el ceño. Kate frowned as she tried to work out the difficult equation
PORTRAYAL Descripción,narración, reseña. Her portrayal in the book was woefully inaccurate.
WIDESPREAD Extendido. The forecast said there would be widespread heavy rain in the north of the country.
SNAP ELECTIONS Elecciones anticipadas.
BROCHURE Folleto. A holiday brochure
VACCINATION Vacunación, vaccine=vacuna. Pronuncia con cc.
SWIMMING TRUNKS bañador masculino. Swimming costume es de chica. Bathing suit (US)
LILO Colchoneta inflable ( suena lailou )
BUCKET Cubo de playa
SPADE Pala ( de playa ) Espada
CLIFF Acantilado
BEND Doblar
BLEND Mezcla, combinación. The blend of fruits and vegetables in this smoothie makes it very healthy. Drinking and driving isn't a good blend
CURB Frenar, contener. The nation's new economic policy is supposed to curb inflation. You have to curb your spending
BE STRAPPED FOR CASH Estar corto de dinero. I´m a bit strapped for cash right now
PHYSICAL A medical examination, chequeo médico She had to have a PHYSICAL before she joined the track team
TAKE UP (phrasal verb) Begin or start. He has decided to TAKE UP cooking in his spare time
IN SPITE OF A pesar de, pese a, In spite of his behaviour, I still love him.
URGE - Deseo,ansia, necesidad. When Robert reads reports of people suffering, he feels an urge to help them. - Urgir, instar, rogar. Conservationists have been urging the government to withdraw the company's permit.
SETBACK Revés, contratiempo. The project suffered a setback when one of the key workers had to take two months off work due to illness.
PLUMMET Caer en picado, desplomarse. The airplane plummeted to earth. On monday the DJ plummeted 588 points. Temperatures plummeted rapidly throughout the day.
BESIDE BESIDES BESIDE-junto o junto a, al lado de I keep a flashlight beside my bed. He doesn't seem as short beside the other men. BESIDES- además. It's a nice day for a walk, and besides, I need the exercise.
SLACKS Casual trousers
ADVERTISEMENT Anuncio, publicidad Matilda composed the jingle for the radio advertisement.
BUTLER Mayordomo Mr. Carson has served as the butler for the estate for many years.
WHATSOEVER At all Nada, en absoluto. I don't know anything WHATSOEVER about Greek history.
- CLUELESS (informal) - CLUELESS (abt. sth) - Inútil. It's no use expecting him to help - he's completely CLUELESS - No tener ni idea de. Don't ask me! I'm CLUELESS about babies!
CLAW Garra, zarpa. The hawk grasped the field mouse with its CLAWS. Arañar, rasguñar. My cat CLAWED me while I was playing with him.
CASUALTY Baja, pérdida, Mrs. Gray's first husband was a CASUALTY in the war. WAr: wounded person, person killed.
COMMUTE - Viajar diariamente al trabajo. I work from home now, so I no longer have to commute. - Desplazarse al trabajo. Because she lives in the suburbs she has to commute to the city for work. - Conmutar una pena. The judge commuted the prisoner
CEASEFIRE Alto al fuego.
SWAN SWAN DIVE Cisne. CAer en picado, Zambullida en picado, He took a swan dive into the pool from the diving board. At the very beginning of the recession world stock markets took a swan dive.
ROW - Remar. You can sit at the bow(proa) while I row. - Discusión, pelea, bronca. They stopped being friends after their row over money.
FOAM Espuma. They became famous for replacing sauces with FOAMS - Espuma(cerveza) -Gomaespuma ( matress )
FORSAKE - Abandon - Dejar, abandonar The alcoholic swore to forsake his addiction
CHOOSY Exigente, quisquilloso. The paranormal is not choosy where it shows itself
SENSIBLE Sensato, prudente. Nathan is very sensible; he never does anything wild and spontaneous.
BLURRED Borroso, confuso, nublado. Cuando me quito las gafas, veo todo borroso.
DINK Doble Income No Kids. There are more and more DINO families in big cities.
ONLY CHILD Hijo único Rick is an ONLY CHILD.
GREAT-GRANDPA GREAT-GRANDSON Bisabuelo. Her GREAT-GRANDPA is still living Bisnieto
QUARREL Discutir His parents always quarrel with each other.
CUFF LINKS Gemelos (de vestir)
BALLOT BOX Urna de votación
JOT DOWN Make a note of. Apuntar, anotra, tomar nota. I'll just jot down the address.
RUG Alfombra, tapete. A rug covered most of the floor. Richard and Grace took a RUG to sit on while they had their picnic.
RIFT Distanciamiento, ruptura. The argument has caused a RIFT between these two neighbours.
RANT - Extended angry talk. - Bronca, chorreo. -Despotricar, vociferar. - Catherine was furious and her RANT went on for several minutes. Peter launched into an epic RANT
WOBBLY - Tambaleante, mareado. She said she was feeling wobbly and needed to sit down. - Tambaleante, poco firme. Don't put anything heavy on that wobbly table.
FLAW - Defecto, imperfección, tara. The gem had no flaws in it.
BLURRED - Borroso, nublado. - Confuso ,impreciso. Blurred visión - Visión borrosa
RECALL - Memoria, recuerdo. As Janine aged, her RECALL diminished. - Remember, recordar. That's where we first kissed, do you RECALL?
COUCH POTATO - Very very lazy person. - Stop being a couch potato. Do sonething productive.
PARADE DESFILE There WAS a parade to celebrate the local team's victory.
BONKERS -Cabreado, pirado. - He went BONKERS. Cogió un cabreo tremendo.
SNAIL MAIL Correo convencional, post. -Most of the bills I receive are emailed, but my tax bill comes by SNAIL MAIL.
STARTLING Very surprising or shocking. - These are STARTLING statistics,20% of them perform worst.
BREADWINNER El que trae la pasta en la familia.
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