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Which prophet founded the 'millenial community' at Maunga-pōhatu? Rua Kēnana Hepetipa
Incorrect A primary feature of the "Degrees of Māoriness" model is Inclusiveness
Utu pihikete (price of biscuits) and tīni mīti (tinned meat) referred to Half-castes
The principle of holding on to land and at the centre of the development of the Kingitanga is puripuri whenua
Which prophet founded the Ringatū faith? Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Tūriki
Which piece of legislation got Māori to 'buy in' to the Western system of education? Native Schools Act
Integral Māori Is a native speaker of te reo and/or deeply knowledgable about tikanga
Repudiator Has experienced discrimination and views Māori identity as a negative characteristic
Quasi-Māori Is not aware of they are of Māori descent
Participants Strong Māori worldview but is influenced by the wider 'outside' community
Who arrived in New Zealand on the 29th of January 1840? William Hobson
In which case was the Treaty of Waitangi deemed a "mere nullity"? Wi Parata v Bishop of Wellington (1877)
______ _______ is the right to appear before a judge and for the court to determine if you are being legally detained. This was suspended for Parihaka prisoners. (give your answer in lowercase) habeas corpus
Te Ua Haumene was associated with which prophet movement? He Paimarie
Kāwana is a term that Māori understood due to its use in the Bible for Pontius Pilate
Incorrect Which piece of legislation established NZ's "national, free, secular and compulsory...primary schools"? Education Act 1877
The documentary "Skin to skin" DID NOT feature which of these couples Sir Howard and Lady Kuia Morrison
Incorrect Which prophet was visited by the Holy Ghost? Answer Tahupōtiki Wiremu Ratana
Which branch of government would deal with the administration of Māori land? Answer Selected Answer: [None Given] Judicial
Incorrect Who succeeded King Mahuta? King Te Rata
How many chiefs signed the Māori version of the Treaty of Waitangi? 505
Cultural hegemony can be defined as control by power
In Article One of the Māori text of the Treaty of Waitangi, Māori gave the Queen kawanatanga
How many chiefs signed the English version of the Treaty of Waitangi at the Waikato Heads? 39
To confiscate large amounts of land "on paper" and slowly "nibble" away at the land is called Creeping confiscation
Māori religious movements aligned themselves with which of Noah's sons? Shem
How many chiefs in total signed the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand? (give your answer in numbers) 52
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