First New Deal (Hundred Days)

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Emergency Banking Act Government made a bank holiday, closing all banks but opened 8 days later. Government restored confidence - backed 5,000 banks to reassure Americans.
Securities Exchange Act Government regulated the stock market to make sure that the 1929 crash wouldn't happen again.
Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) $500 million allocated to help the suffering of the poor (gave food, clothing etc.). Seed and equipment for farmers. Schemes to create jobs.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Men between 18-25 given 6 months work. Had to send most of their pay to their parents/wives. In 1933 - 300,000 joined; By 1940 - 2 million
Public Works Administration (PWA) Paid for public works projects (e.g. schools, roads) and used unemployed workers.
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) Set up the NRA (National Recovery Administration) which set standards on working practices (hours, child labour). This helped create more jobs. Employers used the eagle symbol to show their support for it - Government encourages workers to work for supporting employers. Over 2 million employers were members.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Huge public works projects: dams, irrigation, canals and water transport. Hydro-electric power created thousands of jobs (e.g. from the dams in Tennessee Valley). Farmers were given loans and training in soil conservation and new housing was built.