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Rain chuva Chuva - /reɪn/ water that falls from the sky in separate drops 1.There will be rain in all parts tomorrow.
Cloud cloud nuvem Nuvem /klaʊd/ a grey or white mass made of very small drops of water, that floats in the sky 1.The sun went behind a cloud
Fog neblina, nublado Neblina, nublado /fɔɡ/ a thick cloud of very small drops of water in the air close to the land or sea, that is very difficult to see through 1.Dense/thick fog is affecting roads in the north and visibility is poor
Snow neve Neve /snoʊ/ small soft white pieces (called flakes) of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather; this substance when it is lying on the ground 1.Snow was falling heavily.
Fall outono Outono /fɔːl/ the season after summer and before winter, when fruits and crops become ripe and the leaves fall off the trees 1.in the fall of 2009
wet úmido
Surf the internet navegar na internet navegar na internet /sɜːrf ðə ˈɪntərnet/ to look at different websites on the computer 1.She surfs the internet too often! 2.He surfed the internet last night looking for things to do this weekend.
Go Shopping Ir ao shopping
Ice Skating patinação no gelo /aɪs ˈskeɪtɪŋ/ the sport or activity of moving over ice on skates, which are boots with metal blades on the bottom to slide across the ice to go ice skating ice skating at the rink
Table Tennis tênis de mesa /ˈteɪbl ˈtenɪs/ a game played like tennis with bats and a small plastic ball on a table with a net across it
Badminton badminton, peteca /ˈbædmɪntən/ a game like tennis played by two or four people, usually indoors. Players hit a small light kind of ball, originally with feathers around it (= a shuttlecock) across a high net using a racket
Ice Hockey hóquei no gelo /aɪs ˈhɑːki/ a game played on ice, in which players use long sticks to hit a hard rubber disc (called a puck) into the other team's goa
Doing Yoga praticar yoga /ˈduːɪŋ ˈjoʊɡə/ doing specific exercises to stretch, strengthen and relax the body My husband and I have been doing yoga together for a year now and we are so fit! doing yoga in a class
What can you do? O que você sabe fazer?
Guitar Violão
Skate Patinar
Chess Xadrez
Shinin´down Brilhando
Comin´down Caindo
Going hiking Fazer caminhadas
Go cycling praticar ciclismo /ɡoʊ ˈsaɪklɪŋ/ to ride a bicycle, especially for sport Nathan goes cycling on the lake road sometimes. rarely go cycling
Have a picnic fazer um piquenique /hæv ə ˈpɪknɪk/ to pack food and drinks and take it outdoors to eat Lena and Sam had a picnic in the park last weekend. have a picnic at the beach
Go for a drive dar uma volta /ɡoʊ fər ə draɪv/ to ride in a car or truck for entertainment My parents go for a drive around town every Sunday afternoon. go for a drive in the countr
Have a party fazer uma festa /hæv ə ˈpɑːrti/ to invite people to your house or another location for a social gathering When will Ben have a party in his new house? Brenda will have a party to celebrate her new job
See a movie assistir um filme /siː ə ˈmuːvi/ to watch a movie in a movie theater Let's see a movie next week. see a movie downtow
Go hiking ir caminhar /ɡoʊ ˈhaɪkɪŋ/ to take a long walk in the country for recreation They go hiking in the mountains every weekend
Play the guitar tocar violão /pleɪ ðə ɡɪˈtɑːr/ to perform music on a particular type of stringed instrument She plays the guitar professionally
Take vitamins tomar vitaminas /teɪk ˈvaɪtəmɪns/ to eat pills that have natural substances that are good for your body My mother said I should take vitamins since I don't like to eat vegetables. take vitamins daily
Healthy bem-sucedido, normal, são, saudável, salubre /ˈhelθi/ having good health and not likely to become ill/sick a healthy child/animal/tree
Stressed out estressado /strest aʊt/ to be unable to relax because of worrying or being too busy She is really stressed out because of the big meeting at work next week. feeling stressed ou
Smoke cigarettes fumar cigarros /smoʊk ˈsɪɡərets/ to take smoke into your mouth from cigarettes (tobacco rolled inside a thin paper) I'm happy I don't smoke cigarettes anymore. Don't smoke cigarettes
Sours Azedo
Cough tossir /kɔːf/ to force out air suddenly and noisily through your throat, for example when you have a cold I couldn't stop coughing
Runny nose nariz escorrendo, com coriza /ˈrʌni nəʊz/ a medical condition in which mucus runs from the nose She has a cold and a runny nose
Headache headache dor de cabeça, cefaléia, dificuldade /ˈhedeɪk/ a continuous pain in the head to suffer from headaches
Sore throat garganta dolorida, dor de garganta /sɔːr θrəʊt/ a medical condition in which the throat is red and painful I gargle with lemon water when I get a sore throat
Stomachache dor de estômago /ˈstʌmək eɪk/ pain in or near your stomach I hope his stomachache is nothing serious
Bad Cold Forte Resfriado
Awful Terrível
Train Station estação de trem /treɪn ˈsteɪʃn/ a place where trains leave and arrive I get off at the next train station.
So E aí?
Boat barco /boʊt/ a vehicle (smaller than a ship) that travels on water, moved by oars, sails or a motor a rowing/sailing boat
Bookstore livraria /bʊk stɔːr/ a shop/store that sells books
Parking lot estacionamento /ˈpɑːrkɪŋ lɑːt/ an area where people can leave their cars
Cooffe Shop cafeteria, lanchonete /ˈkɔːfi ʃɑːp/ a small restaurant, often in a store, hotel, etc, where coffee, tea, other drinks without alcohol and simple food are served
Bakery padaria /ˈbeɪkəri/ a place where bread and cakes are made and/or sold
Movie Theaters cinema /ˈmuːvi ˈθiːətər/ cinema The documentary opens tomorrow in movie theaters nationwide
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