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Unit 1

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by which the native americans walked from Siberia to Alaska called Bering Land Bridge
move from one place to a new place, large numbers of people moving Migration
The average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time Climate
A way of life developed by a group of people Culture
The formal vehicle through which policies are made and affairs of state are conducted Government
A water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific through northern Canada and along the northern coast of Alaska. Sought by English and French navigators since the 16th century. Northwest Passage
a written grant by a country's legislative or sovereign power, by which an institution such as a company, college, or city is created and its rights and privileges defined. Charter
Europeans: "The Invaders" Native Americans: "The First People" West Africans: "The Enslaved People" The coming together or meeting of these cultures Great Convergence
A system of beliefs shared by a group with objects for devotion, rituals for worship and a code of ethics Religion
The European desire for gold and land, the need for new maps and navigational instruments, a search for routes to Asia and to spread Christianity Columbian Exchange
The act of colonizing, a small community or village Settle
Something that makes you want to leave your home country ex.- war, poverty Push Finder
Positive attractions of the migration destination Pull Factor
The indigenous people who were in America before Europeans Came to the Americas Native american
The study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries. Geography
A society with reliable food surplus, specialized occupations, social class distinctions, cities, complex governments, trade, and an organized writing system Civilization
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