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a year in development einjährige Entwicklungsphase the period of twelve months during which something such as a new product or service is created
approach kontaktieren to speak to, write to, or visit another person or group in order to do something such as make a request or business agreement
big player wichtiger Akteur someone who has a lot of influence in an activity or organization
break down abbrechen, fehlschlagen If a system, relationship, or discussion breaks down, it fails because there is a problem or disagreement.
budget allocation Budgetzuweisung plan that shows the amount of money that an organisation is allowed to spend on particular things
generic allgemein shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of similar things, rather than to any particular thing
market research Marktforschung the collection and study of information about what people prefer to buy, how they react to advertising, and what other businesses in the same industry are doing
marketing spend Marketingausgaben the amount of money that is spent on encouraging people to buy a product or service
pack verpacken to put something into a container
pitch anpreisen to try to persuade someone to buy your products/services or choose you to do some work for them
raise awareness R aufmerksam machen auf to make people realise that something exists
raise finance Geld beschaffen to manage to get money to invest in a business, project, property, etc
range Sortiment a number of similar things considered as a group
retail customer Einzelhandelskunde a person who buys goods, rather than a store or other business
set up a production facility Fertigungsstätte errichten to arrange a new building or area where goods will be made
strategy R Strategie the way in which a business, government, or other organization carefully plans its actions over a period of time to improve its position and achieve what it wants
supply chain Lieferkette the system of people and organizations that are involved in getting a product from the place where it is made to customers
transform the business das Geschäft umstrukturieren to change completely the character of a particular company in order to improve it
turning point R Wendepunkt a time when a situation starts to change in an important way
upmarket hochwertig used to describe products and services that are of a high quality compared to others
commercial edge Wettbewerbsvorteil an advantage over the people or businesses who are competing with you
control costs Kosten überwachen to limit the amount of money that has to be spent in order to buy, do, or make something
custom-built maßgeschneidert If something is custom-built it is specially made for a particular buyer
customised solution maßgeschneiderte Lösung used to describe something that has been made to solve a customer's particular needs
enhance verbessern to improve the quality, amount, or value of something
exhibit ausstellen to show something publicly in a place such as a museum or trade show
fee R Gebühr an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service
for hire zur Miete something that can be used temporarily in exchange for money
give you an edge over your competition einen Wettbewerbsvorteil erbringen to give you an advantage over the people or businesses who are competing with you in a particular market
guarantee R gewährleisten to promise that something will happen or is true
huge stock riesiger Lagerbestand a large amount of goods that a store or business has for sale
install installieren to put furniture, a machine, or a piece of equipment into position and make it ready to use
keen price attraktiver Preis If prices are keen, they are lower and offer more value than others.
legal requirement R gesetzliche Anforderung a rule in law about something that it is necessary to have or to do
liaise zusammenarbeiten / sich austauschen mit to work with someone in order to exchange information with them
make an impact einen Eindruck machen to have a powerful effect on someone or something
man the stand Stand betreuen to work at a table or structure where someone can sell or advertise their products or services
marketing advantage Marketingvorteil an advantage over the people or businesses who are competing with you
marketing solution Marketinglösung a way of finding out what customers want, using that information to design products and services, and selling them effectively
maximise visitor numbers Besucherzahlen maximieren to make the amount of people who visit as big as possible
monitor überwachen to watch a situation carefully for a period of time in order to discover something about it
mount anbringen to fix something on a wall, in a frame etc., so that it can be viewed or used
on a first-come-first-served basis R wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst used to mean that people will receive something or be dealt with in the order in which they ask or arrive
project management Projektmanagement the activity of organizing and controlling a project
ready-made equipment gebrauchsfertige Ausrüstung the machinery, tools, etc. that you need to do a job in a finished form and available to use immediately
registration Registrierung when a name or information is recorded on an official list
sales technique Verkaufstechnik the ability to persuade people to buy a company's products or services
trade event Fachmesse a large event at which companies show and sell their products and try to increase their business
win new business neue Aufträge/Kunden gewinnen to succeed in getting more people or companies to buy your goods or services
acquire erwerben to get something
anchor (ver)ankern to make something or someone stay in one position
blag R schnorren (ugs.) manage to obtain something by using persuasion
financial gain finanzieller Vorteil with the purpose or aim of making money, rather than for any other reason
give a discount R Rabatt einräumen to offer a reduction in the usual price of a product or service
give and take beiderseitige Kompromissbereitschaft willingness to accept suggestions from another person and give up some of your own
give up on the first reversal R beim ersten Rückschlag aufgeben to stop doing something because of the first problem or failure in the process
identify needs Bedürfnisse identifizieren to find and be able to describe something that you must have to achieve a particular thing
know their limits R seine Grenzen kennen If someone knows their limits, they are aware of the greatest amount of something that is possible for them to do.
make a profit R einen Gewinn erzielen to earn money in trade or business, especially after paying the costs of producing and selling goods and services
novelty value R Neuheitswert interesting because it has not been experienced before
opening proposal Eröffnungsvorschlag a formal suggestion, plan, or idea that comes near the beginning of something
persistent hartnäckig Someone who is persistent continues doing something or tries to do something in a determined way.
place a repeat order R nachbestellen to order the same thing that you have ordered before
pushy R aufdringlich behaving in an unpleasant way by trying too much to get something or to make someone do something
trustworthy R vertrauenswürdig able to be trusted
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