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Today, 93% of teenagers are online. Fact Present simple
Technology was part of of everyday life for her family A finished action in the past Past simple
No mobile phones, MP3 players, computers were allowed in the house When you are more interested on the action than on the person who does it. Passive voice
She said it had changed the way they planed played. Words that someone else said Reported speech
They were using several electronic devices most of the time. A long action that happened in the past. Past continuous.
It had altered everything about their family life. An action that happened before an other action in the past. Past perfect.
In a 2005 study of young people AND the media... To connect two sentences. Linking word
What will you find most difficult about the week? Doing homework without any electronic device
What, if anything, will you enjoy about having no electronic devices? You will spend more time with our family
What will you do in your free time, without a mobile phone, MP3 player, internet, video games...? I will do my favorite hobbies, do sport, go for a walk...
How will you keep in contact with your friends? I will hangout with them, or send letters.
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