Sociology Key Terms :UNIT 1: Socialisation , Culture and Identity

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Norms Is a set guideline or an expectation for behaviour Each society makes up its own rules for behaviour E.G: Letting people off a train before you get on
Values What people deem as right and important to them E.G: Valuing friendships with certain friends
Roles Behaviour expected of an Individual who occupies a given social position or status E.G: Teacher's role is to teach people
Rules A set of principles or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement E.G: Asking a librarian to use a computer before you log on
Status Descriptions of a persons position occupying E.G: A Maths teacher at a school
Mores (Manners or Customs) Customs, norms and behaviours that are acceptable to a society or social group. E.G: Not saying Amen after receiving bread at church
Attitudes A set way or thinking or feeling about something (can be positive or negative) E.G: Respecting someone just because their older than you
Meritocracy Opposite to Nepatism Progressing in life based on your skills and abilities E.G: Work hard to get good grades , and you most likely will get the job you want
Nepatism Opposite to Meritocracy Inheriting your status and role in life due to family relations E.G: The Princes son will immediately be born into a higher upper class family
Socialisation The process of learning norms, values, customs and ideologies which provides the individual the ability and skills to participate in their society E.G: Being taught how to walk like a human and speak a language
Primary Socialisation Process of socialisation that is inherited from your family E.G: Being taught how to walk
Canalization (Primary Socialisation) The 'channeling' of children towards toys and activities seen as normal for their sex. E.G: Action man for boys
Manipulation (Primary Socialisation) Parents encouraging/disencouraging different behaviours E.G: Praise/Punishment
Different Activities (Primary Socialisation) Children being encouraged to carry out certain activities E.G: Girl helps mum cook Boy helps dad build something
Verbal Appellations (Primary Socialisation) Using different words and phrases with different sexes E.G: "Good girl" and "Bad boy!"
Secondary Socialisation Process of socialisation that is taught from your peers institutions such as school and work E.G: Work, school, peers and media
Feral Child A child who hasn't been socialised and has been isolated from human contact and interaction from a very young age E.G: Genie
Agencies of Socialisation Individuals, groups and institutions where socialisation takes place E.G: School Media Family and Peers
Culture The beliefs, way of life, art, and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society E.G: Having hash browns, egg and sausages and bacon for breakfast is an English Culture
Popular Culture (Mass Culture) A culture that is currently extremely popular in the media currently E.G: Segways
Global Culture A culture that is found in many other countries in the world (often products) E.G: Mcdonalds
Mcdonaldisation The term used to describe the influence of western ideas into other countries E.G: Spread of fast food branches into other countries
Consumer Culture A set of ideas that encourages people to buy a range of never ending products E.G: Mac Laptop
Subculture A smaller group within society with values which are different to the wider group E.G: Goths
Cultural Relativism
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