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The meaning of Marxism... The political and economic philosophy of Karl Marx.
The 5 stages each country goes through according to Marxists.. 1. Feudalism - absolute ruler 2. Middle class revolution 3. Capitalist society 4. Socialism 5. communism
The meaning of Marxist-Leninism... A theory adapted from Marxism by Lenin which skips capitalism and goes from stage 2 to 4. This was only believed by Bolsheviks.
Who believed in it? All socialists and communists believed it and the main two political parties who followed it were Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.
The central Marxist belief Belief - in industrialised society the bourgeoisie grew richer and decreased in number while the poor grew in number but grew poorer. Outcome - revolution followed by a classless communist society
The outcome of Marxism Revolution followed by a classless communist society
Socialism A society where: All property is owned by the state The workers own the means of production All goods and services are produced to help people not for profit.
Communism A more advanced form of socialism where: Property is owned by everyone There is no government There are no national borders
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