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1. What are the names of the kings that rule in Spain in the 18th century? Felipe V, Fernando IV, Carlos III and Carlos IV.
2. Main characteristics of the old regime: Absolute monarchy, stratified society, lordly economy with agrarian base.
3. What had caused the subsistence crisis in the 18th century? Scarcity periods and a price increase.
4. What are the reasons of the increase of the population? Because of the absence of big epidemics, the introduction of new crops, the better economy situation due to the relative peace.
5. Classification of the stratified society. Privileged people: the King, clergy and nobility. Non- privileged: bourgeoisie and common people.
6. During the absolutism, which privileges had the nobility? They lived of their land rents, they didn´t pay any taxes, and they had the right of asking for it to the peasants and they had honorific, economic and fiscal concessions.
7. What is the Enlightenment? A movement of intellectual character that put in question the beginning of the old regime.
8. What means mercantilism? Theory that depends on the accumulation of precious metals like the main source of wealth and business.
9. What principles did the French scholars defend in their writings? Freedom and equality of all human beings.
10. What were the two houses of the Parliament during the English Revolution? Lords and Commons.
11. What is required to have a monarchy of limited power, as England? Was conditioned by the Parliament, the executive and legislative power were separated and the justice was independent.
12. When has been the USA’s Declaration of Independence signed? 4th July, 1776.
13. Which was the motto of the American Revolution? Liberty, equality and tolerance.
14.How many English colonies composed the first United States of America? 13.
15. In the American State, what warranted the Constitutional text? Separation and balance of power, it was establishing a form of government with power for the president and a federal structure.
16. What rights are in the declaration of rights in the country’s first constitution? Ensured freedom of religion of the press, freedom of expression, assembly and the right to be tried by a jury.
17. What countries participated in the war of succession? Great Britain, Holland and Portugal against France and part of Spain (Not Aragon).
18. Who were the two first Spanish Bourbon? Felipe V and Fernando VI.
19. Which were the main objectives of the Spanish enlightened after the crisis of the Austria’s empire? The economic increase, society, reform, a better education and a modernization on the Spanish culture.
20. How did the Spanish economy improve on the 18th century? There was a population increase, an agriculture and business growth and an industrial modernization.
1-Which were the economically causes of the French Revolution? The financial crisis, bad harvests and great expenses.
2- When started the French Revolution (year)? In 1789
3- What proposed the third state at the begining of the revolution? The double representation, the joint deliberation and the vote per person
4-What happened the 14th of July of 1789? With the threat of a reaction of the privileged, the people took the Bastille's prison initiating the Revolution.
5-Which were the main stages and dates of the French Revolution? The constitutional monarchy (1789-1792), the democratic republic(1792-1794) and the bourgeoisie republic(1794-1799).
6-Which was the longest period in the French Revolution? The bourgeoisie republic.
7-How was proclaimed the republic? It was proclaimed because the sans-culottes attacked the palace and jailed the monarch.
8-Why did the European monarchies form the coalition against the revolutionary France? Because of the death of Luis XVI.
9-Which two main events occurred in 1793? The Jacobins took the power and they published a new constitution.
10-When took place the coup d'etat of termidor? In July 1794.
11-What did Napoleon do? He allowed the return of the exiled people who accepted the new order and he signed a Concordat with the church to established a religious peace.
12- How did Napoleon's Empire fall? In 1814 Russia and Spain beat his empire and he left the power. But he returned a year later and in the Waterloo Battle he was defeated and imprisoned on St. Helena Island.
13. What did the winners of Napoleon create at the Congress of Vienna? They created the Holy Alliance.
14. What did the liberalism advocate? It advocated a representative system, the division of powers and a property of law.
15.What did the nationalism want to keep? It wanted to keep the rights of people to decide themselves.
16. Which were the successes of the revolutions of 1820 and 1830? The revolution of 1820 succeeded in Greece and the colonies in Latin America and the revolution of 1830 succeeded in France, Belgium, Poland, Britain and Spain.
17- What had in common the union of Italy and Germany? Firstly, both of them where manage by the most developed territory (Piedmont and Prussia). And both had been uninfected after lots of internal wars.
18-What did Garibaldi with a popular uprising? He overthrew the monarch of the states of the middle and the south of Italy.
19- How was proved the advance of the nationalism in Europe? By the revolutions of 1848 when a Germany parliament shows to the king of Prussia an uninfected Germany.
20- What kinds of conflicts continued in the late of XIX century? Big national problems in Austria and Turkey, the advance of the democracy against the liberalism and the fight for the recognition of the social rights.
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