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images and descriptions of common coastal forest health pathogens

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Phellinus sulphurascens (Laminated root rot) -root disease (white rot) -mostly Fd and Hw -rarely fruiting bodies
Heterobasidion annosum - root disease (white rot) - worst in conifers, Sx, Hw, Ba -Europe has a bio-control agent so its less common now
Postia sericeomollis (Brown cubical butt/pocket rot) - decay fungus (brown rot) -attacks Cw -attacks though scars, no fruiting body -sap wood intact, fungus grows in heart wood
Armillaria solidipes (formerly ostoyae) - Root disease - fruiting bodies called honey mushrooms growing in clusters - mycelial fans white and imprints stay visible -pitching out and rhizomorphs
Echinodontium tinctorium (Indian paint fungus) - decay fungi (brown rot) -cannot attack healthy tree -colorful conks use by FN for dye
Fomitopsis pinicola (red belt conk) -decay fungi (dry brown rot) -infected trees very dangerous due to instability -perennial fruiting bodies with red band
Phellinus pini -decay fungus (white rot) - decays both lignin and cellulose - trees engulf fungus through scars or natural pruning events
Inonotus tomentosus -root disease (white rot) - grows on spruce -fruting body grows on bottom of tree - wood looks like honeycomb
Phaeolus schweinitzii -root disease (brown rot) -usually only infects an individual tree particularly Spruce and Fd
Elytroderma deformans - foliage pathogen - disease of hard pines -changes shape of branches, creats brooms
Mycosphaerella pini (needle blight) - foliage pathogen (pinus spp) -break out in BC 10 years ago -red bands on needles caused by toxins -increased outbreaks due to climate change
Cronartium ribicola (white pine blister rust) -needs to alternate between Pw and Ribes spp. -causes cankers or stem swelling
Cronartium comandrae -blister rust of hard pines (Pl/ Py) -needs to alternate between Pl and toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) -identical life cycle to Cronartium ribicola
Endocronartium harknessii (western gall rust) -pine to pine rust no alt host -orange galls produce spores impacts branches no main stem
Arceuthobium americanum (Pl dwarf mistletoe) -mistletoe of hardpines -no fanning of branches
Arceuthobium tsugense (Hw dwarf mistletoe) -restricted to the coast -cups left if plant not present -tends to occur at top of tree -creates fanning of branches creating brooms
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