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¿What caused the conflict between liberals and absolutists? The First Carlist war.
¿What defended the carlists?¿And the isabellines? The Old Regime. The liberal sectors.
¿In which groups were dividend the liberals? Moderates, that defend more limited reforms and progresists that want to remove the Old Regime.
¿What type of goverment was consolidated by Isabel II? A conservative and centralist liberalism.
¿What were promulgated the first ten years of the reign of Isabel II? The Constitution of 1845, confessional State, a penal code and the civil guard.
Who directed the Liberal Union? General O'Donnell.
Why was caused the revolution against the monarchy? Because of a big economic crisis and the bad politic situation of the Isabelline regime.
What problems faced Amadeo de Saboya during his reign? The opposition of the moderates, the carlists and the church and the outbreak of two wars (Third Carlist War and Cuba uprising).
When started and finished the first republic? It started in 1873 and finished in 1874.
What were the two main parties in the Canovist system? Conservatives and liberals.
Where did the nacionalists movements rise up? Cataluña, Basque Country and Galicie.
What caused the regeneracionists movements? The defeat of Spain in 1898 against USA.
What caused the annoyance of the population with the decisions of Godoy? It caused the Motín de Aranjuez's outbreak.
What happened on the 2nd of May 1808? The population of Madrid revolted against the French troops.
What was reflected in the Constitution of 1812? The main principles of the political liberalism.
What did Fernando VII by the coup d'état? He closed down the Parliament and annuled the Constitution.
What was the National Militia? It was a voluntary army who defended the liberal order.
What did Fernando VII to guarantee the throne to his daughter Isabel? He dictated the Pragmática Sanción.
Which colonies lost Spain after the defeat of Ayacucho? Spain lost all except: Cube, Philipines and Puerto Rico.
When was the independence of the United States? In 1776.
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