Renal Function (part 1)

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What is the Nephron? The functional unit of the kidney
Where is the nephron located? Within the renal cortex of the kidney, spilling into the renal medulla.
What are the tubular components of the nephron? > Bowman's capsule > Proximal tubule > Descending loop of henle > Loop of Henle > Ascending loop of henle > Distal tubule > Collecting Duct
What are the vascular components of the nephron? > Renal Artery > Renal Vein > Glumerulus > Peritubular capillaries
What are the 3 processes of filtration? 1. Filtration 2. Reabsorption 3. Secretion
Explain the pathway of filtration Blood enters the glumerulus in the bowman's capsule where it moves to the proximal tubule and down into the loop of henle
Why is osmotic pressure important in filtration? There is an hydrostic pressure within the atriole of 55mmHg. While there are 2 opposing pressures (osmotic & hydrostic) which equal 45mmHg. When high blood pressure is present, opposing force is too great and blood cannot be filtered out.
Where must filtrate pass through? > pores of the glomerular capillaries > the basement membrane > slits within the bowman's capsule
What is reabsorption? The selective movement of solutes out of the filtrate and back into the blood via the peritubular capillaries
What electrolyte is needed for reabsorption occur and how does reabsorption occur? Through both passive and active transport mechanisms, K+ is pumped into the tubular cells to pull Na+ and H20 out of the tube and back into the peritubular capillaries.
What part of the nephron is impermeable to water? The ascending loop of henle
What is secretion? Selective movement of non-filtered substances from peritubular capillaries into the tubular system
How does secretion work? The same as reabsorption but in reverse. K+ will diffuse back into the tubule system, to be filtered out.
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