Chapter 10: Removal of Wastes

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Human biology chapter 10

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Nephron Kidneys are composed of large numbers of nephrons
Renal artery Bring blood to the kidney
Afferent arteriole Takes blood from renal artery into kidney
Efferent arteriole Take blood away from the glomerulus, if not filtered
Blood capillary Surrounds the nephron
Glomerulus Where glomerular filtration takes place
Bowmans capsule Surrounds the glomerulus and collects fluid
Proximal convoluted tubule More filtrate away from bowmans capsule - where reabsorption takes place
Loop of henle Move filtrate through the nephron - reabsorption continues
Distal convoluted tubule Continue movement of the filtrate - tubular secretion takes place
Collecting duct Water absorption
3 major processes of urine formation 1. Glomerular filtration 2. Reabsorption 3. Tubular secretion
1. Glomerular filtration (what occurs) Substances are forced out at a high pressure from the glomerulus to the bowmans capsule
2. Reabsorption (what occurs) Blood reabsorbed from filtrate
3. Tubular secretion (what occurs) Substances move from blood to filtrate
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