Brief Film Frame's Decription

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Brief film frame description

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The first few seconds will be completely black, the monologue will start and the girl will begin to talk about her. The screen will then transition into a girl, sitting on her bed, writing in her diary. This will be recounting everything she is saying aloud after the brief introduction of who she is has happened.
This will then move onto the girl sitting on the couch writing in her diary, in her comfy attire. This transition will be a faded over lap so that it shows that time has passed. The monologue however will just continue. Music playing in the background.
Then transitioning the same way, her lying on the floor, her brother watching TV in the background. The monologue and music continue playing in the background.
The girl will then be at school, walking down a corridor, carry her folders, she's confident in herself. This is not the case, the inner monologue explains to the audience that its all an act, that her confidence is going to have to become real in 9 month time.
She checks her phone, she has a text message from Jake. It asks what time the time the doctors appointment is, he wants to be there. She stops walking. The girl is conflicted, she doesn't know if she should tell him. Her fingers hesitate over the key pad, but after a second, types its at 5. He inner monologue describes her guilt.
She then looks down to the floor, like she's praying and carries on walking She then carries on walking, match on action shot as she walks through the door. Her monologue continues and then stops, the music picks up in pace as the title flashes on the screen.
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