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Revelation God reveals himself to us through the Bible
Interpretation The Bible is interpreted for us so that we can apply it to modern day scenarios
Inspiration The writers of the Bible were inspired to write down what they believe were the true intentions of God
Describe how the Bible is used *Mass *Meditation *Bible study groups *Private prayer *Public prayer (The Our Father)
Explain the importance of the Bible *It is how God reveals himself to us *It is the word of God *It is a guide for life *Contains rules to live a good life
Conscience *God's voice inside of us *Teaches us right from wrong *Helps us to make the correct choices *Bears witness after any good or evil we have done (i.e. a guilty conscience)
How can we inform our conscience? *Going to church *Reading the Bible * Praying *Listening to leaders of the Church
Primacy of Conscience After informing your conscience you should follow it
What is meant by 'Church' *One *Everlasting *Catholic *Apostolic *Holy *The Body of Christ
Laity Baptised Christians who have no been ordained
Role of the Laity *Altar servers *Eucharistic Ministers *Readers *Musicians
SVP Inspired by the work of a 17th century priest called St Vincent de Paul who worked among the poor. Today SVP groups are found in many parishes. Members of the SVP visit the sick and the old, at home and in hospital, as well as those in prison. They also raise money to distribute to those in need.
Explain why are Catholic schools important • They teach young Catholics what their faith means. • They help to inform our consciences. • They help children to realise that all life is sacred • They support young people on their faith journey
What is a sacrament? * How God reveals himself * An outward sign Of inward grace Ordained by Jesus Christ By which grace is given to the soul.
Rites of Passage During our everyday lives, on special occasions such as birthdays or a wedding we celebrate, Rites of Passage (sacraments) which are ways of celebrating key events in our journey towards God.
Baptism The first sacrament of initiation when a person becomes a member of the Church
Rite of Baptism * Welcome at the door * Readings at the lectern *Oil of Catechumens * Baptismal vows * Pouring of the Holy Water * Lighting of the Baptismal Candle
Baptismal Symbols * Water * Oil of Catechumens * Oil of Chrism * White garment *Baptismal Candle
Explain the importance of Baptism * Cleanses us from original sin. * We become the sons and daughters of God. * At the end of his public ministry, Jesus commanded his apostles “to make disciples of all the nations"
Confirmation * When the person is old enough to make their own decisions they can be confirmed. * A person being confirmed will say that they believe in God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and ask for strength and courage to live as Jesus would want them to and to tell other people about their faith.
Rite of Confirmation * Presentation of the candidates * Renewal of the Baptismal promises *Laying on of the hands * The anointing of Chrism
Explain the importance of Confirmation * Reaffirms baptismal promises * You become and adult member of the Church * We celebrate our faith * Decisions made for ourselves
Marriage Marriage is a sacrament. It is a binding agreement made between two people, who love each other, in the sight of God.
Rite of Marriage *The greeting * The questions * The exchange of vows * Exchange of rings * Marriage blessing * Signing of the marriage register
Explain the importance of marriage * Provides a stable environment to raise children. * Shows the love the couple have for each other. * Unites the couple in the eyes of God. * Provides a secure environment in which sexual intercourse can take place.
Describe the birth of Jesus * Angel Gabriel * Journey to Bethlehem * Chorus of Angels * Shepherds * Star * Magi
Describe the baptism of Jesus * John the Baptist * River Jordan * Heavens opened * Dove flew down * God spoke 'you are my soon with whom I am proud'
Explain the importance of Jesus' baptism * Confirmation that he was the Son of God * Shows that Jesus was chosen for a special task * The Holy Trinity was present * Showed that through our baptism we are also being prepared for a special task - to spread the Good News
Describe the temptations * Stones into bread * The riches of the world * Throw himself from the top of temple * Jesus said no to every temptations
Explain the importance of the temptations * Shows that Jesus is human and able to resist temptation * Refusing the bread reminds us that there is more to life than material things * Refusing the riches reminds us not to distract ourselves from God * We are reminded not to put God to the test
Describe the crucifixion * Simon of Cyrene * Golgotha * Jesus refused painkiller (wine with myrrh) * King of the Jews * Executed between two criminals * Jesus cries out
Describe the resurrection * Marys went to the tomb * Stone rolled away * Man in white * Disciples * Women fled
Explain the importance of the resurrection * Showed Jesus was the Son of God * Proved Jesus was telling the truth * Shows us death is not the end * Reminds us that Jesus took away the sins of the world
Describe Jesus' teaching on love * Greatest Commandment *Golden Rule *Parable of the Sheep and Goats * Parable of the Good Samaritan
Describe ways Christians can show love * Acts of kindness and helpfulness * rejecting prejudice * forgiving others * showing compassion for those in need * being involved in charity work
Describe Jesus' teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation * Parable of the Lost Son * Parable of the Unforgiving Servant *The Our Father *Jesus' example - forgiving those who crucified him
Describe how Catholics celebrate Advent * Wreath * Advent Calendar * Jesse Tree *Priest wears purple
Describe how Catholics celebrate Christmas * Crib * Religious Christmas Cards * Presents * Carols *Church dressed in white and gold
Explain why Christmas is important * Reminds us that God sent his only Son to save us * Jesus became human just like us - he felt love, pain etc
Describe how Catholics celebrate Lent * Fasting *Almsgiving/charity * Prayer *Reconciliation * Priest/Church dressed in purple - penance
Describe how Catholics celebrate Holy Week * Palm Sunday procession with palm leaves * Maundy Thursday - priest washes feet * Good Friday - Liturgy of the Lord's passion instead of a Mass * Holy Saturday - vigil service in the evening
Explain what is celebrated during Holy Week * Palm Sunday - Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem * Maundy Thursday - The Last Supper * Good Friday - Jesus crucifixion Holy Saturday - a day of mourning and reflection
Describe how Catholics celebrate Easter * Readings reminding us of Jesus' victory over death * Easter eggs - new life * Church dressed in gold and white * The 'Gloria' is sung once again
Explain why Easter and the Resurrection are important to Catholics * Reminds us of Jesus' victory over death * Symbolises new life * At Baptism we now share Jesus' risen life * We celebrate that we have died to sin and risen to a new life
Describe the Ascension * A celebration of when Jesus returned to his father in Heaven * Jesus met with his disciples *Went to the Mount of Olives * He was taken up to Heaven and not seen again * Celebrated on Ascension Thursday - 40 days after Easter
Pentecost * Celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples * Known as the birth of the Church as it is when the disciples went out and spread the Good News.
Sanctity of human life *All human life from the moment of conception Is precious in the eyes of God *Made in the image and likeness of God - Genesis
Explain what Catholics mean when they say that humans are made in the image and likeness of God * We share something of God's nature * We all have souls which when we die will join God * We all have the capability to be good people just like God
Abortion The deliberate killing of an unborn baby Abortion Act 1967 - Can be carried out until 24 weeks of pregnancy
Arguments for abortion * Woman's right to chose * Rape * Physical or mental health * Baby may be born with mental or physical disabilities
Arguments against abortion * Right to life * 'Thou shall not kill' * God's right to choose * Sanctity of life
Quotes for an abortion evaluation * Thou shall not kill * Before I formed you I knew you * Golden Rule * Greatest Commandment
Euthanasia * 'Good Death' * The deliberate ending of a human life
Active Euthanasia When deliberate steps are taken to end a life
Passive Euthanasia When treatment that would have allowed a person to live longer is withdrawn
Involuntary Euthanasia When other people decide a person should die - turning of a life support machine
Voluntary Euthanasia When someone asks for help to die
Explain the Catholic teaching on euthanasia * All life is a gift from God *Only God has the right to take away life * Suffering brings people closer to God * Thou shall not kill *Legalising euthanasia would leave it open to abuse - the 'slippery slope' argument
Arguments for Euthanasia * Persons right to chose * 'Love thy neighbour' - most loving thing to do * Free will * Death with dignity
Arguments against euthanasia * Life is a gift from God * Suffering brings people closer to God * Slippery slope * Hospices allows people to die with dignity
Explain what is meant by the Holy Trinity * The belief in one God who reveals himself in three ways * God the Father - watches over us, creator, ruler etc *God the Son - died on the cross to save us *God the Holy Spirit - in all of us helping, guiding and inspiring us
Describe Catholic beliefs about the nature of God * Omnibenevolent *Omniscient *Omnipotent *Creator *Loving father *Transcendent
Describe what Catholics mean when they say God the creator *The world is not an accident * The world and all it's beauty and detail points to a creator * The creator is God * This is found in the book of Genesis
Describe Catholic beliefs about Jesus Christ * Conceived by the Holy Spirit * Born to a virgin mother * The Incarnation * Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins * Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday * Ascended into Heaven
Explain Catholic beliefs about the Holy Spirit * Third person of the Holy Spirit * The power of God in action in the world today * Jesus promised he would be with us until the end of time * Works throughout the world trying to make it a better place to live
Explain Catholic beliefs about life after death * Jesus died and rose again to make it possible for us to do the same * When we die we will be judged (Parable of the Sheep and Goats) * We will either go to Heaven or Hell * Purgatory - state of waiting
Explain what Catholics believe about the soul * A person has a body and a soul * The body will age and die the soul is immortal * The soul will either go to Heaven to be with God or to Hell (without love) * Our spiritual side
Purgatory A state of waiting in preparation for Heaven. A time of cleansing from sin in preparation for entering Heaven
Judgement * Looking at the behaviour of a person * As humans every action we take is judged * Parable of the Sheep and Goats
Catholic Funeral Rite *Prayers in the home *Requiem mass *Readings about life after death *Final Commendation *Prayers at the graveside or crematorium
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