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Line of Demarcation 1493 Between Spanish and Portuguese territory, was reused by the treaty of Tordesillas.
Treaty of Tordesillas 1494 Agreement between Spain and Portugal to settle conflicts over lands discovered by Christopher Columbus and other late 15th century voyagers.
Fire Lance One of the first gunpowder weapons in the world
Stadacona Present day Quebec
Hochelaga Present day Montreal
Port Royal Winter camp switched to port royal across the bay of Fundy. First of all settlements to last.
Castor Sec Unprocessed beaver
Castor Gras Prime winter beaver pelt
Battle of the long sault French put up a good defence, Iroquois were convinced they weren't strong enough to attack montreal
Mercantilism France gets colonies, which provide France with raw material. France doesn't have to buy outside the empire, colonies buy from France; France gets rich.
Treaty of ryswick 1697 Treaty that returned all captured territories including Acadia to their original owners
Treaty of Utrecht 1713 End of war of Spanish succession, returned Hudson Bay Area to British. French lost Acadia, but Acadians refuse to take an oath of loyalty
Treaty of Aix-La-Chappelle Ended the war of Austrian succession, lousibourg was given back to French
Battle for Quebec 1759-France defends New France by defending Quebec. General Wolfe & 8 soldiers attempt to capture quebec
Treaty of Paris 1763 France gave up claim to Canada. Cape Breton and Acadia were declared British possession
Seigneury Feudal like state/manors
Viking North man on an adventure
Norsemen North man
Eric Thorvaldsson -known as "Eric the red" -Was banished from Norway and Iceland -settled in Breenland
Bjarni Herjulfsson -Norse -Norwegian explorer -The first known European to discover the mainland of the Americas.
Leif Ericson discovered -Vinland (Newfoundland) -Baffin land
Gudrid Norse women was alive the same time of Eric the red, married thorfinn Karlsefni
Freydis saved the day by showing her breasts to the Indians causing them to retreat
Henry VII 1496 First Tudor king after defending Richard III. -has the power to discover new land
John Cabot First European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of north America. (found evidence of humans in NOva scotia) don't have to remember*
Jacques Catier French explorer, first European to travel to inland North America. claimed Canada for France.
Francis I First king of France from Angouleme Branch son of Charles.
Chief Donnacona First nations chief taken to france by Cartier.
Coureur de Bois runners of the woods
James Wolfe British General
Frontenac First governor
Annapolis a modern day town that grew out of Port Royal
Ohio Valley an area of land was fought over by the French and English in the seven year war
What was the chance a crew member would survive a voyage of discovery? 50%
What slowed the forward motion of Cabot's ship in the Grand Banks? Fish!!!!!
Explain how the St.Lawrence River got its name named after a jACQUES cARTIER pASSAGE bAY
Describe the relationship between Cartier and DonnAcona in the spring of his 2nd voyage? - Cartier presents Donnacona with gifts -Donnacona talks to captives
Why did Catier think he was rich? What did his treasure turn out to be? he thought he ound diamonds and gold He actually found quartz and iron pyrites crystals
Name three Viking homelands Sweden Norway Denmark
How were John Cabot's letter patent an indication of a feeling of superiority to the natives of North America? it was seen as health and infidels with no ownership to the lands the occupy
How was Champlain qualified to help colonize Canada? he was a soldier and a navigator
Why did Champlain choose the location for what became Quebec City? thought it would be profitable
List 5 responsibilities of the seigneur in New France -had to build and live in a manor house -hold court in the event of disputes -attract settlers -build a mill -defend
Describe the fate of the Acadians who did not pledge allegiance to the crown during the SEven Years war? -kicked out -told to leave -deported -expelled
Sieur de Roberval was chosen by francis 1 to establish the first organized settlement in Canada
St.Croix South (cape cod) champlain left for british to settle
Algonquins -first nation tribe -French help Iroquios at war
Helene Boulie married champlain at 12
Les Filles de Roi The kings daughters
Iroquiois First nation tribe
Madelaine de Vercheres -15 year old farm girl who was attacked by iroquio and she hid and lived
Voyagers traded with governmental perits
Radisson and Groseillers operated around Hudson bay without furtrading Licences confiscated
Samuel de champlain explorer sailed to west Indies, Spanish, America and Canada
Why was settlement not encouraged by the traders? this would ruin trade; worse still create trade outside his monopoly
What did King Francis promise the pope about the settlement of Canada? he promised that he would spread Catholicism to the new world
Why was it disappointing that the "river turns sweet" at Kanata? because they wanted to go to the north west passage that is salt water but they were in sweet water
What is champlain searching for and determined to find even as he is dying? route to Cathay
How did the 7 years war affect the colonies in the new world? broke out in Europe Frace vs Britain
What had changed by the 1750's that made the French less successful? -French financial troubles -French leadership failures
What was the winter like in Stadacona for Cartier and his men? -St.Lawrence freezes to 3 meters think -Scurvy strikes around Christmas -Cider freezes
Why was a fortress built in Louisbourg? -French could protect the entrance to St. Lawrence river
Why was it a mistake for Champlain to back the Algonguins? Native middlemen dead: French Middlemen needed
Why was New France able to endure English Attacks for so long during 1689-1760? more strengths than weaknesses
Explain the purpose of Cabot's men putting up the cross at Penouille Point at the Mouth of Chaleur Bay? to spread catholism
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