Maguire et al.

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PHYSIOLOGICAL Maguire (2000) Taxi Drivers + Hippocampus Aim: Determine whether changes could be detected in the brains of humans who have extreme experiences of spatial navigation.
PP's: London black-cab drivers- 16 MALE licensed drivers who had passed "the knowledge".All right handed and between the ages of 32-62 (mean 44). Licensed for at least 18 months. Control group (non-taxi drivers) were 50 selected scans from the MRI database. All male, right handed between 32-62.
Method: Quasi experiment! No variables were manipulated and data was collected from analyzing MRI scans. Voxel-based morphology (VBM) and pixel counting.
Results: More grey matter in both hippocampi of the cab drivers but only in the posterior (back) hippocampi. Control group had more grey matter in the anterior hippocampus whereas the cab-drivers was the posterior.
Conclusions: The longer they had been a cab-driver the greater the volume of their right posterior hippocampus. The hippocampus increases in size with use over time.
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