Renaissance Art in Italy (pt.1)

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af4f3ea8-3f86-41fc-acc8-eb57c422ada8.jpg (image/jpg) Giotto Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Christ fresco, ca. 1305
5be925a3-45c4-4afa-85a3-d29057d9c3d7.jpg (image/jpg) Giotto Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Christ Raising of Lazarus fresco, ca. 1305
66b69828-03f8-406f-b9ab-fc89a13c7719.jpg (image/jpg) Giotto Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Christ Lamentation fresco, ca. 1305
919b0ce0-bd11-4dad-953e-659a08974bb9.jpg (image/jpg) Duccio The Virgin in Majesty (The Maesta) ca. 1308
1e410ef7-38a1-4e4e-aa97-7ec109ba9bce.jpg (image/jpg) Ghiberti The Sacrifice of Isaac 1401
34c7ea75-b775-40d8-8c65-63f5bf6dcdef.jpg (image/jpg) Brunelleschi The Scarifice of Isaac 1401
29c76c44-cdd7-45ab-b3bc-1d3ec9e329f0.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello The Feast of Herod bronze relief, mid 1420s
d3f96b11-c460-4ec8-a543-0cd740e828f4.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello St. John of Evangelist ca. 1410
05cb3820-d61f-4411-99d1-0094883c8577.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello Lo Zuccone (Habbakuk?) ca. 1430
8cf569b2-476a-4ac5-8de4-4b0b1c5cfb7c.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello David bronze, 1460s
19876c25-fd6f-4328-a1ac-317511b70e6e.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello Judith and Holofernes bronze, ca. 1456
5ddf50d1-1865-448a-9b16-99a56825041b.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio The Expulsion fresoes, ca. 1424
d3c205fe-12c2-49d4-bee9-f99a833470f6.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio The Tribute Money frescoes, ca. 1424
bcd6d33b-5e77-4007-bd43-dbc2bb7f997c.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio The Trinity ca. 1426
863d64d1-a9e6-4ba8-924e-ca4a9569d28d.jpg (image/jpg) Botticelli La Primavera (Spring) ca. 1482
891ff6fc-9562-4b24-9ebb-66b6bbc2eb57.jpg (image/jpg) Botticelli The Birth of Venus ca. 1485
42bb56bd-4474-4ac9-8e0b-599aa0a2b87a.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo Vitruvian Man 1492
549162d0-2618-4754-ace0-29fb2d189064.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo The Last Supper ca. 1495
3c00fd9a-a225-42f6-92c5-c5767052c51b.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo Mona Lisa ca. 1503-1516
61f5eba8-be9a-4bce-955e-1f5543a33758.jpg (image/jpg) Leonardo Madonna and Child with St. Anne and a Lamb ca. 1503-1519
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