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Plant: Guayaba Cientific Name: Psidium guajava nombre Common name: guava Location:caribe, central america After the child: it has a very thick skin and after the hurricane gets more small but more reinforced and every time grows more color becomes more red than normal.
Plant: gloxinia Scientific name: Gloxinia perennis common name: Siningia Location: located in Colombia After the small nino:son herbaceous, perennials, plants with erect stem scaly rhizomes. The leaves are opposite, rarely ternadas, pairs of veins. Stem and leaves pubecentes.
plant: Achira Scientific name: canna indica common name: sago Location: located in venezuela. After the nino:achira, comes from the quechua Word Achuy, has a great taco which has a large flower that pay lots of Sun and reproduces more quickly and can do more. After the child: the stem is ruined and so begins to fall flower and go more slowly.
plant: cotton name cientifico:algodon common name: cotton location: located more in South america Characteristics: cotton is the most important natural fibre produced in the world, its importance began in the 19th century. features in the child: it is more watery and the floor gets wet and takes more to grow and has to regenerate shoot.
plant: Arracacha name Arracacha cientifico:Arracacia common name: Taxonomy localizacion:Colombia, Brazil, Peru. After the child characteristics: arracacha plant has a short cylindrical trunk with numerous buds at the top, from where depart the leaves of long petioles. the trunk becomes hard by the wind that makes them more resistant but skin is torn a bit.
plant:barbasco scientific name: Lonchocarpusnicou common name: cube location: Oaxaca, Mexico characteristics after the nino:son shrubs, trees with smooth bark. Imparipinnate leaves; leaflets rarely 1, opposite, entire, without estipelas; Stipules present. characteristics after the child: bark is buelve lisa still but more resistant than before and the leaves are more girls.
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