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knowledge The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association Conocimiento: she is the leading innovator desingner on our corporate knowledge
Undergo To experience or endure (something) Sufrir: The venezolan economy whe are undergoing act that inflation.
Chief Highest in rank or authority Jefe: she chief of staff, is very estric with the hours
Dampen To make (something) somewhat or slightly wet : to make (something) damp Amortiguar: The venezolan in theses moments no have a protection or dampening secure above the economy inflationary
Footwear Things (such as shoes and boots) that are worn on your feet Zapatos: The government must restucture the sector of footwear
Remaining To be left when the other parts are gone or have been used Restante: the remainig blance the public budgets must be assigned for a entry special
Wish To want (something) to be true or to happen Desear: She wish has a good job
Without: Not having or including (something) Sin: The company is without a manager
Height A measurement of how tall a person or thing is : the distance from the bottom to the top of a person or thing Altura: evaluate your actions for have a work the height
Grow To become larger : to increase in size, amount, etc. Aumentar: The manager grow the sales
Struggle To try very hard to do, achieve, or deal with something that is difficult or that causes problems Esfuerzo: The pople in the world is struggling for has a very good job
Guarantee An agreement by which one person undertakes to secure another in the possession or enjoyment of something Garantizar: You can guarantee the success the company
Stage: A particular point or period in the growth or development of something Etapa: You overcome the stage
Uncertain Not exactly known or decided : not definite or fixed Incierto: The future of company is uncertain
Inequality An unfair situation in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people Desigualdad: the inequality of gender in the world is diminishing.
At a premium At a high price; at a relatively high price Alto Precio: I get my Iphone 7 a at a premium
Bck-of-the-envelope calculations Quick calculations; estimates using approximate numbers, instead of exact numbers Calculo Rápido: In the market need a Bck-of-the-envelope calculations for not spend much
Belt-tightening Reduction of expenses Reducir Gastos: this month duty Belt-tightening
(To) bite the bullet To make a difficult or painful decision; to take a difficult step Tomar una difícil decision: i have what make (To) bite the bullet move abroad
Bitter pill to swallow Bad news; something unpleasant to accept Trago Amargo: My divorce It is a bitter pill to swallow.
Blockbuster a big success; a huge hit Un gran suceso: this week occurs a blockbuster
Brownie points credit for doing a good deed or for giving someone a compliment (usually a boss or teacher) Puntos extras: Grace scored brownie points for help washing the plates
Cash cow A product, service, or business division that generates a lot of cash for the company, without requiring much investment Producto Estrella: The cash cow to our restaurant is the Down town Special
(To) cash in on To make money on; to benefit financially from Hacer dinero the manager of sales floor to cash in on for your attention.
Crunch time A short period when there's high pressure to achieve a result Tiempo de Crisis: Venezuela this in Crunch time
(To) dot your i's and cross your t's To be very careful; to pay attention to details Ser muy cuidadoso: The public accounting,need to be To dot your i's and cross your t's
(To) drum up business to create business; to find new customers Crear un negocio: The company any ideas for drumming up business
(To) fast track a project to make a project a high priority Proyecto de prioridad: In english have that project of business to fast track a project
(to) plug (a product) to promote a product; to talk positively about a product Promocionar un Producto: The restaurant need to plug their pizzas
Yes man A person (especially a man) who agrees with everything that someone says Que Acepta todo: In the job Manuel is a yes men
Current happening or existing now : belonging to or existing in the present time Actual: Your charge current in the company is manager
Advice an opinion or suggestion about what someone should do Asesoramiento: you need legal advice for the trial
Quietly En silencio: The world suffer quietly the diabetes
Shocked The impact or encounter of individuals or groups in combat Sorprendido: he be shocked after the medical evaluation
Ominous suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future Abominable: the earthquake was ominous, wreak havoc
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