audience feedback and self analysis (option 2)

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this is the evaluation of the feedback based on which music option the people think we should have.

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Audience Feedback and Self Analysis Music Option 2 Note The movie is not finished, I still need to add another scene to make the narrative make sense. There also needs to be more editing.
Self Analysis I really like how the music starts when the real suspense of the movie begins. Some of the scenes are being over sounded by the music. I like some of the scenes that have the over emphasised sound. Audience Feedback Sophie: I really like how the music starts when she starts counting. However when the male says 'close your eyes' you can hardly hear what he is saying so I think it would be better if that part became louder or if the volume of the song is reduced.
Kelly: The scene where she types a song ' slicey dead silence' doesn't make sense. If you wanted to use it, it would be better if it starts playing when she goes on it on the phone. I don't like the scream when she is getting out of the bathroom. I really like the heavy breathing at the end when she's got her hand covering her mouth. Joshua: I like it when the music starts getting more serious as she starts walking. It will make the audience feel like something serious is about to happen. I don't like the sound of the Oreos when she's is taking it out of the packet.
Harry: The music fits really well with the narrative but it would be better if some of the scenes matched with the beat of the music. It would be better if some scenes are muted. I like the sound of laptop closing because it shows her anger. So which music option do you prefer? Me : I like the second the most Kelly: I like the second one Sophie: The first is really good and it would be good if you edited it so it is more suitable for your movie Harry: I like the second one Josh: The second one is my favourite.
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