Nostalgia and Nation Branding

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what is nostalgia? A preference towards objects (people, places or things) that were common (popular, fashionable or widely circulated) when one was younger
how is nostalgia used in marketing? provides a link between the brand and the consumers past to evoke emotional response to create brand awareness and brand association
what are the attributes of nostalgia? -A sense of decline/loss; space and time -A melancholic vision of the contemporary world based on perceived crisis in our civilization -A sense of loss of individual autonomy -A loss of simplicity, authenticity and emotional spontaneity in a mass consumption culture
what are the 4 types of nostalgia? 1. everyday nostalgia (continuity) 2. tradition (non-discontinuity) 3. uniqueness of a moment (first time nostalgia) 4. independence and one's identity (no long-standing nostalgia) (Kessous and Roux)
how can marketers use everyday nostalgia? fulfils a need for security; hedonism; re-experience great moments of the past (e.g. haribo lollies)
how can marketers use tradition nostalgia? -provides for points of reference that are lacking in our contemporary post-modern society -brands that communicate their authenticity as a guarantee of quality, sincerity and trust (e.g werther's original)
how can marketers use uniqueness of a moment nostalgia? Create a symbolic link with someone from the past, thus turning an absence into a presence . . . these objects (the brand) are guardians of the past . . . bring the past into the present (e.g. keep part of first pair of running shoes)
how can marketers use independence and one's identity nostalgia? - Nostalgia helps build the present to plan one’s future . . . brands that use this this type of nostalgia re-launch old products - associated with transition and ‘turning points moments’ such as the end of adolescence
examples of nostalgic strategies -sports teams giving away collectibles with paid admissions to certain sports events -Classic magazine issues
how can mood be used as a nostalgia branding strategy? -target customers in less positive mood who may desire to escape undesirable mood states by returning to better times past -position brand to coincide with likely episodes of less positive mood
how do we create brand awareness using nostalgia Keller triangle (customer based brand equity model)- brand aims to create emotional attachment so nostalgia creates an emotional attachment
why is nation branding complex? destinations are comprised of various public and private organisations as well as individual services that cannot be controlled by brand managers
who are the stakeholders of nation branding? (nation brand hexagon) -tourism -exports -governance -investment and immigration -culture and heritage -people
what is the destination brand equity model destination brand equity, made up of -perceived quality, destination brand associations and awareness, destination brand loyalty (pre+post visit)
how can a body (gov, destination marketing org, travel agency, tour operators) market a nation? establish: brand identity, brand personality, brand culture, brand soul and brand character
what do tourists want in a destination today? authentic experiences, more individual in nature . . . stimulation, social interaction, experiential learning . . . less family focus, less relaxation . . . less memorable experience shared by all family members (Kerr)
what are the 3 characteristics of strong national brands? -long history -their economy and standard of living is very high -stable political environment *also, nation is like umbrella brand for other tangible things associated with the country (flag, famous citizens, icons, lang)
what are attributes of well-branded cities? -quality of life for its residents, walkkability, 24 hr access, public spaces, inclusive transport network -cities are gateway to nation, shape national identity
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