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Equipment/Resources During our production we will use a variety of equipment and resources in order to create/make our trailer, aiming to create a professional image for our trailer.
Nikon D3 100 785943d4-85ad-4d02-b1b0-c0c5141b107e.png (image/png) We will have easy access to this camera due to it being our own. We chose to use this as the camera is of a high quality allowing our production to maintain a professional image. Details:The camera has a 14.2 effective megapixels works ,works in tandem with new expeed 2 image processing engine to produce highly detailed images containing rich tonal gradations and faithful colour. In addition, a maximum ISO of 3200 (expandable to ISO 12800 equivalent using the Hi 2 setting) allows you to shoot without worrying about camera-shake blur. This also comes equipped with a tripod - This will allow us to be sure our filming will be in focus and will reduce the risk of blurry scenes .
Editing -Final Cut Pro 5615a557-3954-4e85-956a-1d5b8b5abfe1.jpg (image/jpg) Final Cut Pro Details: Motion graphics set the scene in the latest release of Final Cut Pro. Create stunning 3D titles in just a few clicks. Adjust the look, lighting, animation and more with simple controls that generate studio-quality titles. Colour grade with multiple scopes, easily apply custom masks and save custom effects for quick access later. We will use this for editing our trailer as we believe it can offer us more , allowing our production to look professional. We will have easy access to this as it is on the school's mac allowing us to effectively edit to the highest quality as possible.
Sound b2352ab9-93ed-4490-8617-46c67b81b80d.png (image/png) Garage Band Details: Garage Band is a whole music creation studio inside your Mac — with a complete sound library that includes software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers. Like editing we will also have easy access to this as it is on the Mac allowing us to incorporate this into our trailer effectively. Garage band allows us to create music by editing existing sound , layering different one to create a unique sound that will suit our genre of thriller by adding tension to our trailer. We can also fade the music in/out allowing us to have control over when we believe the music will best suit a scene.
APPLE MAC 422f0718-7086-4d5a-ad98-a80e997d366f.jpg (image/jpg) To edit our production on we will use a Apple mac as it will produce our work to a higher quality. We have access to this through the school meaning we will have easy access. The mac also includes the app listed above allowing us to have easier access when it comes to editing our work.
PROPS cfe77925-26b3-4e75-839f-4e408f523537.jpg (image/jpg) During our trailer, as we're basing our narrative around the theme of obsessions , we may include props in order to help represent this. For Example : we may use paper with death threats written , photographs/doll with disturbing images on drawn on or a plan to kill/harm someone. This will all help represent the genre of psychological thriller to the audience as well as the theme of obsessions shown through the antagonist character.
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