Good Duke or Bad Duke?

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To learn the historiography attached to Somerset and Northumberland as Lord Protectors.

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A.F Pollard on Somerset "His was ambition animated by no mean or selfish motive"
W.K. Jordan on Somerset "His high idealism was never forgotten"
J. Loach on Somerset He "failed in Scotland and France, mishandled his colleagues during the crisis of 1549 and he was both corrupt and greedy"
M.L. Bush on Somerset 1. "The war determined the nature of the regime's domestic as well as its foreign concerns" 2. Prevented "the Government from proceeding against inflation with a monetary solution"
Susan Brigden on Somerset "As the ruler who presided over the Vagrancy Act which imposed slavery upon those who, willingly or not, left their homes, he was... an unlikely social reformer"
W.G. Hoskins on Northumberland [Northumberland was in] "The most unprincipled gang of political adventurers and predators that England has seen for many centuries"
A. Weir on Northumberland "The most evil statesman to govern England"
D. Loades on Northumberland 1. "He was both more honest and skilful than he was often given credit for". 2. "He held the minority government of Edward VI together from 1550 to 1553, and enabled it to survive a period of acute financial and social stress".
D. Hoak on Northumberland "Northumberland appears to have been one of the most remarkably able governors of any European state during the 16th Century"
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