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Email flash cards on the email system and techniques.

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Email Etiquette Helps communicate with other people formally. It makes you more professional and speeds up your email conversation.
Inbox Folder Helps us store different emails into different folders for sorting purposes. Makes it more efficient, quicker and easy to use.
Email Signature Makes the email professional and formal and notify who it is from. This shows its a professional email and an important one meaning the receiver will reply back as it is important.
Automatic Replies when you are away from your desk/job it will notify senders that you are away and will give them other contact details. This is so you dont keep your customer waiting and so they know what your situation is.
CC & BCC CC: (Carbon Copy) -if you are sending them a copy for their information BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy) -if you are sending them a Copy and you don't wish the other recipients to see that you sent it to this contact. Saves time as you can send it to more than one person.
Sensible Email Address A professional email address so recipients can acknowledge that it is a important email. So the receiver can realise it is an important and professional email and can reply back faster.
Attachments Send files to recipients but do not open files from unknown emails. These could include image and files containing important information over a secure email.
Address Book It is used to add contacts. So it is easier and quicker to find the person you are sending an email to.
Drafts You can save a copy or go back to it if you dont have sufficient time. So if you run out of time you can come back to it so you dont have to re type the email saving time.
Inbox Rules Be sure to put malware and unknown sources selling things to spam and/or junk. So you know what emails are irrelevant and relevant making it quicker to answer back to important emails.
Urgent Emails Used to notify recipients using the urgent mark before sending emails so they know it is important. So you get a quick response form the receiver.
Forward + Reply Forward= resends the email that has been sent to you by another person' Reply= means you reply to an email that has been sent to you. This is so it saves time rewriting an email and you can email back the sender if needed to.
Subject Line this is used so that the receiver knows what the email is about/based around. So the receiver has knowledge about the email and that he doesn't have to open anything irrelevant.
Exclamation Mark DO NOT use this, this is a form of shouting. This is unprofessional and informal recipients do not expect this in a business email and would result in a slow reply.
Paper Clip this is used to show that an attachment has been included in the email you receive. This is so you know that there is an attachment allocated to this email and that it may contain important things and that you can reply to it quicker.
Contacts these are your friends or family saved under his contacts. so you can sort groups so you can find a person that is related to the group quicker.
Group Emails These are for large amounts of people receiving numerous emails and want to reply back. this is so you dont have to send the same email to numerous people separately.
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