Chapter 2 Civics and Economics Vocab.

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Chapter 2 Vocab

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Magna Carta An authorization that King John was forced to issue by English barons e84a9ea4-f6e0-4431-b1c0-ece08c46f0e8.jpg (image/jpg)
Glorious Revolution "Bloodless Revolution" When Mary II and Her husband William III replaced her father James II 83135a07-e28c-4179-9bb0-dbd877565636.png (image/png)
Parliament The highest authority in Great Britain 4dab7a1b-9527-4247-8777-471880eff70d.png (image/png)
English Bill of Rights An act that was passed on December 16,1689 by Parliament cb3f4eed-4bfa-4809-a4f4-3b766c71ee6f.jpg (image/jpg)
Bicameral 2 branches/chambers 1d3623ff-0723-4800-827c-09319ac3fb62.jpg (image/jpg)
House of Burgesses 1st Legislative body in Britain-American colonies democratically elected d5297f72-247e-4b16-8461-43ce0a6ba8d2.jpg (image/jpg)
Mayflower Compact What the pilgrims had to sign before boarding the mayflower to flee from religious persecution cd6d1c46-23e8-46ac-a1a6-db791c8c76ea.jpg (image/jpg)
Salutary Neglect England Ignored 13 colonies for 150 years 2a9d5f9b-c738-43be-b60e-ee4b15f7a82f.jpg (image/jpg)
French & Indian War French and Native Americans fights against Britain and Colonists 72147d3c-662c-4925-83c6-a61bcf423b5a.jpg (image/jpg)
Proclamation of 1763 Forbid settlement past a line along the Appalachian Mountains 23214f4b-ce5d-4738-8245-8fd91d5c968e.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Mercantilism Profitable trading da4ace1e-326b-42f0-a333-f89fdd86b1e1.jpg (image/jpg)
Boston Masscare Patriots threw snowballs at British guards and they let fire killing 5 and hitting 11 0669cdf3-bd4c-4e34-b760-3a267681efe6.jpg (image/jpg)
No taxation without representation People must be consulted before taxing them e72e48fa-d0a4-46c5-af26-5364d9f9a554.jpg (image/jpg)
Boston Tea Party 342 cases of tea were thrown overboard in the Boston Harbor fb9d6188-554e-4655-8146-c7456c8ded65.jpg (image/jpg)
Legislature people that make laws f9dd4961-1c7e-45e7-baf2-ec6133f467fa.png (image/png)
Boycott To withdraw from 1c0e4fbf-03f6-4601-8b88-4aab43483bd6.jpg (image/jpg)
Independence To be free and self dependent f5447bcb-716d-436c-8d4f-fa6bce8a5e79.jpg (image/jpg)
Confederation Number of groups in alliance 89f4c15e-7b3d-49ed-95c6-afb176191ba3.png (image/png)
Natural Rights Rights everyone is born with: Liberty and property and no man can take it away 76ee75f6-8b5b-4c6d-bf3d-4f620637c3db.jpg (image/jpg)
Social Contract An agreement between government and the people baa9e13e-b5f2-4382-b3e7-6b00dc915712.jpg (image/jpg)
Baron de Montesquieu "separation of powers" 2f3eb6a7-b6f9-4bac-9f60-5e284fe7e0d6.jpg (image/jpg)
Enlightenment Reason science and reason could improve 35bc0bb0-dbcf-4af4-a944-334cfa2cace1.jpg (image/jpg)
Indentured Servant Person under contract to work for someone else a9faccf0-9ba3-4cd6-bf97-d26c37c38187.jpg (image/jpg)
Triangular trade trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas 39f2884b-c3cf-49d2-9c5a-93bc2cc81654.jpg (image/jpg)
Middle Passage Slave ships crossed Atlantic Ocean 7fff21a7-9b44-4393-b791-1d5f320114b2.jpg (image/jpg)
Stamp Act Tax on anything on paper b274713a-c114-466d-85ef-92eb16866749.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Intolerable Acts Punished colonists for Boston Tea Party 0e45e26d-97ac-4729-9be5-91d2e969265b.jpg (image/jpg)
Quartering Act COlonists had to house and feed British soldiers 3ddb381f-9f6d-4fa6-b17e-53ba0660c2a4.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Common Sense pamphlet written by Thomas Paine c42ca7fd-faf2-4263-bd15-6783f6345fe8.jpg (image/jpg)
Battle of Lexington And Concord First Revolutionary War 5ab08496-7ef2-4cb6-9758-74323ce9d148.jpg (image/jpg)
Second Continental Congress Declaration of Independence was made 4acd16cc-14d2-44d7-8c00-f051e10e364b.jpg (image/jpg)
Declaration of Independence majority Written by Thomas Jefferson and 2nd continental congress
Thomas Jefferson Wrote most of the declaration of independence
Articles of confederation Original constitution of the US
Daniel Shay's Rebellion name given by american farmers against law enforcement
Philadelphia convention drafted constitution of US
James madison political theorist
Olive branch petiton North america to avoid war against Britain
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