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What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory
What is the difference between RAM and ROM? ROM is non volatile, meaning no data is lost when the computer is turned off, whereas RAM is volatile as the memory is only temporary
What is Virtual Memory? Virtual Memory is an area of the hard disk that is used for temporary storage of data when the main memory (RAM) cannot cope with all the data being used
How do Logic Gates work? The processor fetches, decodes and executes instructions from memory. It is used to make decisions. The processor is made up of millions of logic gates, used to make these decisions. Each gate takes an electrical input and outputs a result based on it
What is a NOT gate? NOT gates take one bit as input and gives the opposite as output
What is an AND gate? AND gates take two bits as inputs. If both inputs are 1 then the output is 1, otherwise the output is 0
What is an OR gate? OR gates take two bits as inputs. If both inputs are 0 then the output is 0, otherwise the output is 1
What is the CPU? The CPU will fetch the next instruction that needs to be processed, decodes it and executes it. This will happen continuously.
What are the categories of Secondary Storage? Optical Disk Flash Memory Magnetic Disk
What are the characteristics of an Optical Disk? Optical Disks are fairly portable, slower than a hard disk or flash memory but faster than magnetic tape, cheap to buy/produce
What are the characteristics of a Magnetic Disk? Hard Disks are very reliable, very cheap to purchase, can last for years if treated carefully, slower than internal solid state memory (SSD)
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