Hardware and Software

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Name one type of Optical Media Compact Disk DVD Blu Ray
What is Volatile Memory? A type of memory that is lost when the power is turned off.
What cycle does the CPU use to carry out instructions? Fetch, decode and execute cycle
Name an input device that can be linked to a speaker Microphone
Name an output device that can be linked with a mouse Monitor
What is a communication device used for? To transmit data to another system and to receive data from other systems.
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory
What is the main job of ROM? Used to boot up the computer and its programs.
True or False ROM is volatile False
What does Virtual Memory do? When RAM is full, virtual memory takes a small section of the HDD and uses it to store data that the RAM would usually store.
What does the Virtual Memory process prevent? The computer crashing.
What does Cache Memory do? Stores instructions that have already been run so that the CPU only has to make a short journey to find the instruction instead of taking a longer journey to the RAM.
In a NOT gate what would be the output if the input is 1? 0
What is the only combination of numbers in an AND gate that will give the output of 1 1 and 1
For an OR gate an input of 1 and 0 would give an output of? 1
What is the clock speed of a CPU? The number of instructions per second that a CPU can complete.
A CPU with clock speed of 6GHz would be able to complete how many instructions per second? 6 Billion
Give the order of memory sizes (smallest first) Bit Nibble Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte
what is the sentence that allows people to remember the memory sizes in order. Big Naughty Boys Kicked My Granny Twice.
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