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What does HIV stand for? Human Immunodeficiency Virus
What does AIDs stand for? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
How long can it take to discover you're infected? 5 - 15 years Symptoms take time to show
Can it be cured? No, it is incurable
Can it be treated? Yes - ARV Drugs (antiretroviral drugs)
What do ARV drugs do? Slows down the virus by slowing down multiplication
What 5 fluids carry the virus? - Blood - Pre-seminal fluids - Breastmilk - Vaginal fluids - Sperm
How do you contract HIV/AIDs? (5 Answers) - Unsafe sex - Contaminated needles - Contact with contaminated blood - Childbirth (infects child) - Breast feeding
What are the symptoms of stage 1 HIV/AIDs? (4 answers) - Continuous fever - Swollen glans - Asymptomatic (shows no signs) - Seropositive (positive test result)
What are the symptoms of stage 2 HIV/AIDs? (2 answers) - Airway infections - Mouth, skin & genital lessions (open wounds)
What are the symptoms of stage 3 HIV/AIDs? (5 answers) - Weight loss - Meningitis - Tuberculosis (TB) - Long term diarrhoea - Other serious infections
What are the symptoms of stage 4 HIV/AIDs? (3 answers) - AIDs related dementia - Affects central nervous system - Motor loss (loss of movement)
What is the case study for HIV/AIDs? Malawi, Sub-Saharan Africa
What's the population for Malawi? 16.36 million (2013)
How many people are living with HIV in Malawi? 1,000,000 (1 million)
How many deaths are due to AIDs in Malawi? 48,000
How many adults (aged 15+) are living with HIV? 850,000
How many of these are women? (aged 15+) 500,000
How many orphans (aged 0-17 years) are there due to AIDs? 790,000
Husbands abandon HIV+ partners - Why? (Malawi) HIV+ people viewed as dirty/contaminated. Left to die/suffer due to this
More women (HIV+) turn to prostitution - Why? (Malawi) Earn money to support themselves and/or families after being abandoned - Helps to spread virus
Husbands have other wives - Why? (Malawi) Culture of communities. Males are dominant --> Manly for having multiple partners Women lack power/say (no voice)
Some sing songs such as 'virus woman' - Why? (Malawi) HIV+ people stigmatized Illness isn't understood Those infected seen as dirty; generally rejected from community
HIV+ people who trade lose business if their state of health is discovered - Why? (Malawi) Consumers worried about contracting HIV. People uneducated about virus
HIV+ people become isolated - Why? (Malawi) Avoided in fear of contracting virus Negative stigma attached to illness & those it effects
What are the current problems with healthcare in Malawi? (4 answers) - Lack of staff in hospitals - Resources are stretched - Location of hospitals - Over-crowded (strained - patients sit on floor)
How many doctors and nurses are there to staff one hospital in Malawi? 1 doctor & 9 nurses
What are advantages of community based care? (3 answers) - Look after those affected at home - Travel isn't an issue (until a hospital is required) - Bicycle ambulance (supplies help at home)
What are disadvantages of community based care? - Travel an issue when a hospital is required - Travel for nurses can be a problem - Traditional healers cause a problem; 3/4's people believe in them
What are possible solutions to HIV/AIDs? (6 answers) - Raising awareness - Finding a vaccine - Blood screening - Education - specially women - Free/available contraception - ARV (antiretroviral drugs) therapy
What are ARV drugs known as? Combination therapy 3 drugs, 3 times a day (specific times)
What are the benefits of taking ARV drugs? (3 answers) - Slows down the virus - Prevents contraction of TB & meningitis - 99% effective in not transferring HIV to a child when pregnant
How many of those infected with HIV take ARV drugs? (Malawi) 1/2 (half) 500,000 out of 1,000,000
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