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At a premium= Un alto precio The last weekend, the book was sold at a Premium
Back-of-the-envelope calculations= Calculos aproximados Sorry, Head. I only have some back of the envelope calculations.
Belt-tightening= Reducción de costos The last Month , Maria had some belt-tightening in her company because the demand of perfums decreased in 0.2%
(to) bite the bullet= Tomar una difícil decisión In 2010, the magic circle had to bite the bullet and fire some employees
Bitter pill to swallow= Mala noticia o algo molesto para aceptar In air C.A., Juan the best seller in the company, informed his retirement for personal causes. This was a bitther pill to swallow for the company.
Blockbuster= Gran suceso o enorme éxito In 2013, Andres Olmos opened the first organic hairdressing in Chile, and now this hairdressing is a Blockbuster in Latinoamerica.
Brownie points= Recompensa o crédito por hacer algo bien y ser complaciente Mario always wants to win brownie points wiht the math teacher
Cash cow= Producto o servicio que genera mucho dinero sin esfuerzo, esta en una etapa madura Actually, Coffee is a cash cow in Colombia.
(to) cash in on= Obtener ganancias o beneficios por algo. Park Sae-yang cashed in on his popularity with his song " Gangnam Style".
(to) climb the corporate ladder= Progresar o escalar en la compañía Maria is ready to climb the corporate ladder in her comany, for her new promotion this year.
(to) compare apples to oranges= Comparar cosas distintas, o hacer comparaciones inválidas Pedro is trying to compare apples to orange, when he want to compare a marketing project with a production Project.
Crunch time= Tiempo difícil o Momento de difícil tensión The blue company, is really pressure for the new launch of their new product the next weekend. !It is a crunch time!
Dog-eat-dog world= Acción cruel, o acción muy injusta The last week, a worker had an accident at work, then we was fired for this. !It was a dog eat dog world!
(to) dot your i's and cross your t's = Ser cuidadoso, prestar atención a los detalles. Ana, In this negotiation meeting, you have to dot your i´s and cross your t´s.
(to) drum up business= Incrementar las ventas o Encontrar nuevos clientes. Macdonalds made a agreement with the producers potatoes,to have french fries in all macdonalds. With this decisión this company drum up business.
(to) face the music = Admitir algún problema, error o una situación no placentera The director of ABC company, had a serious problem with the marketing director, so he had to face the music and apologize for this situation.
(to) fast track a Project= Hacer algo con prioridad We have to fast track the Project. We have only two days, to finished it.
(to) generate lots of buzz= Generar atención o hablar de un producto o servicio, de manera positiva Perfumes Factory generated lots of buzz, when they had to giving perfum samples in ballots, after that people like their products.
(to) have a lot on one's plate = Tener muchas cosas pendientes por hacer This morning, Patrick had a lot on one´s plate, because she arrived very late in her job.
(the) hard sell = Forma agresiva de Vender Home sellers, always uses the hard sell,like a strong strategy.
(to) jump the gun= Lanzar algo antes que cualquier otra persona o compañía. Polar jump the gun, when they put on the market, the first zero calories beer before any company in Venezuela.
(to) jump through hoops = Resolver obstáculos, o esforzarse en algo. My friend had to jump through hoops, when they had to look the raw material to prepare her body cream, but finally she could it.
(to) keep one's eye on the prize = Mantenerse enfocado en el resultado final Don´t feel dissapointed. Only you have to keep one's eye on the prize, At the end of next month you will open your bag business.
(to) keep something under wraps= Mantener algo en secreto, reservado. In two weeks, we will put on the market our new healthy juice, so you have to keep something under wraps.
mum's the Word= No compartir o no decirle nada a nadie. I hope you mum´s the word, because this new is really important and confidencially in my new business.
My gut tells me= Mi intuición me lo dice I know there is a very complicated, but my gut tells me, this is the correct decisión
Nothing ventured, nothing gained= Si tu nunca intentas algo, nunca sabrás que sucederá. Jose don't give up, because nothing ventured, nothing gained
On top of trends= Moderno !Oh Maria! your look is on top of trends
(to) pass the buck= Culpar a alguien In my job, a workmate try to pass the buck for his error.
(to) plug (a product)= Promocionar o dar a conocer un producto. Few months ago, The polar company, tried to transmite a healthy person, to plug digess ,their new yogurt.
(to) pull the plug= Paralizar o parar un proyecto o iniciativa, por algún motivo, sea que no vaya bien , o se desee postergar. In the last meeting, we decided to pull the plug our new agency, because we found a legal irregularities.
(to) put a stake in the ground= Dar el siguiente paso o comenzar a gestionar algo . This year, Polar decided to put a stake in the ground and put on the market, his new ice cream , made with the favorite chocolate drink of venezuelans, named toddy.
(to) rally the troops = Motivar a las personas, o hacer algo para incrementar la moral de los empleados Now, many companies try to rally the troops, and offer a reward for be the Employee of the Month.
Reality check= Ser realista Sorry, you have to reality check! In this moment, we can´t offer a new discounts.
(to) scale back one's hours= Tomar un descanso, reducir la jornada de trabajo. In this month, Maria returned from her vacations, but she had a foot fracture, and have to scale back her hours and work two weeks after this accident.
Shape up or ship out!= Cambia tu actitud o retírate. Tom always have many problems with his workmates, so the last friday, his boss talked with him, and he said shape up or ship out Tom.!
(to) step up to the plate= Asumir la tarea The intern surprised me, he step up to the plate and started with new design of our new logo.
(to) throw cold water over (an idea, a plan) = Desanimar a alguien o estar en desacuerdo con un proyecto. In my company, Penelope shared a new idea to change the material of the package of our product, but her boss threw cold water over his idea, because that material doesn´t work in the product.
Through the roof= Aumentado, o mas alto de lo que se esperaba In this month, the raw material was through the roof, and we have to reduce the purchase.
(to) turn around one's business= Aplicar reingeniería, renovar el negocio. Many companies had to turn around one´s business and have a e-commerce, because it is an advantage for all the organizations.
(to) work down to the wire= Trabajar hasta el último minuto When we had to make the final Project, all days, we had to work down to the wire, because we had only one week to finished.
(to) work out the (or some) kinks= Solventar algunos problemas In the last meeting, We started 20 minutes later, we had to work out the kinks and fixing the computer.
Yes man= Estar de acuerdo en todo momento con el jefe. Pedro is a yes man, he never has a personal opinión, he always is agree with the boss, but sometimes he doesn´t have the reason.
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