An Inspector Calls (quotes)

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An Inspector Calls (quotes) Key quotes for the main characters.
Quotes from the stage directions. 'the sharp ring' (door bell, Act 1) 'sharply staring at him' (from Birling, repetition of sharp, Act 1) 'triumphantly' (look from Birling, after they've discovered that the Inspector was a hoax, Act 3)
Quotes from Mr Birling. 'i can't accept any responsibility' (after being questioned about Eva Smith, Act 1) 'upsetting the child like that' (he calls Sheila a child, Act 1)
Quotes from Mrs Birling. 'i did nothing I'm ashamed off' (not excepting responsibility, Act 3)
Quotes from The Inspector. 'fire, blood and anguish' (later repeated in Act 3 by Sheila, features in his final speech in Act 3) 'there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths' (final speech, saying that the lower classes need help, Act 3)
Quotes from Sheila. 'fire, blood and anguish' (repeats thing after Inspector has left, shows she is developing socialist views like the Inspector, Act 3) 'look - mummy' (acts like a child, shows she's quite spoilt, says this after receiving a ring from Gerald, Act 1)
Quotes from Gerald. 'i didn't ask for anything in return' (after explaining how he knew Eva Smith and had an affair with her, Act 2) 'i don't come into this suicide business' (just after Shiela finds out about his affair, end of Act 1)
Quotes from Eric. 'why shouldn't they try for higher wages?' (shows some socialist views, is backing Eva Smith, Act 1) 'you're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble' (after his secret about getting Eva pregnant and stealing the money is revealed, Act 3)
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